The Battle To Finish! Was I supposed to complete something?

Sweatdrop...Bear with me for a moment…

I'm a ghostI feel a little drained here.

Yes, there was a sequel somewhere… that I was supposed to finish sometime soon. Oh wow! How could I forget? Days are just rolling by so fast, I don’t know what to think anymore. Work has been a little stressful these past few weeks.

I mean, shouldn’t I be sleeping? It’s almost 5:04 a.m. Exactly! Amazon keeps recommending me novel advice about editing. I’m nowhere near editing. I haven’t even started yet!

I’ve got about 335 pages for the sequel of NR, and what’s strange about this book is that I have more words (nearly 100,000) and I’m not even close to the 350 page mark. It’s all because of a new formatting style change––it’s great actually! I can have more words and fewer pages. So, that’s a good thing, not like before. I can use more white space, which is wonderful, because I can put up more illustrations.

Technically, I have 20 something more pages and yet I feel these 20 extra pages are not going to help me whatsoever. I have so much to focus on, I’m thinking of taking out a character completely and leaving just 5 new characters, instead of 6. Some of these characters I won’t be mentioning their names. I just won’t do it.

By the third novel, things will be coming into full circle and everything should be getting squared away. There will be some new characters, but not as much as this sequel. One particular character doesn’t really add much to the story, except maybe he’s a little quirky and funny at times; he’s just more like an afterthought. I don’t really know if having humor in this story fits the mood; although, he’s a breath of fresh air. In fact, I’m thinking of putting him into another funny story (or series), since he has such little screen time… but we’ll see how that goes.


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