Just Too Many Distractions!

A bit dizzy

Too many things to do, too many worries, too many ideas to sort through. Just too much on my mind!


Two years have passed and I can’t finish this blasted sequel.


What is wrong with me?

Am I too tired?

Am I bored with writing?

Am I not getting enough rest?

Am I too stressed out?

Why can’t I finish this sequel on time?

I can’t even finish 20 pages! 20 pages, folks!

Is it writer’s block?

Is it fear?

Is it the thought of me not doing good enough?

Is it indecisiveness ’cause I suffer from that a lot?

The reason I wrote Nightmarish Reality was because I was suffering from nightmares I couldn’t explain. Now that the book has been written (it’s been nearly 2 years since it’s been published), most if not all of my nightmares are gone. Although, that doesn’t mean they’ll never come back. So, why is it that I cannot finish the sequel. Will it live up to the first book…? Even though not many people really know about it? Will I make the sequel worse? Will I make it better?

These are a handful of questions, out of a million, that swirl through my mind all the time. However, no matter how hard I try… I feel that something in this sequel is seriously missing. Am I rushing certain scenes? Is there not enough explanations? Why do I feel trapped?


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