CampNano Is Next Month! I Still Have Time…I Think?

Sweatdrop...I really thought Camp Nano was starting this month… Wow! I must be really out of it.

D.E.A.DI’ve been so dead lately with work and everything.

Report's gone..I seriously need to get back to some writing.


In other news, I may well take a vacation soon. Haven’t decided as of yet when, but I will. Maybe for a whole week? Also, I’m thinking of announcing my new writing project. Although, I probably should hold it off until I have a better set-up for it…maybe after I finish the other three projects I’m working on.

That might help me if I’m not constantly working on so many things at the same time. I’m going to do some more book covers in the future. There’s a possibility of hiring some artists to do lots of character artwork as well. But I need to focus on one task right now and that’s finishing the sequel.

I get my paycheck tomorrow! Yay! So, I’m actually excited to go outside and pay off some bills. Once that’s done, I’ll get back to planning. I’m going to finish writing the rest of the chapters either today or later on in the week. The book is reaching 400 pages. I’ll decide whether I’m going to leave it or add more to it. Maybe I’ll leave the rest for the trilogy. There’s just so many things to consider though.

Haven’t decided if I’ll do Camp Nano next month. However, I would like to start on that new project… so I may actually announce it on the first day of July. Maybe I could work on it, since I have a few ideas for it already. I probably won’t do the full amount of 50k. Something like 30k or less sounds reasonable.

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