Friday The 13th Curse!


Can't get up!I’m upset.

Noooo!I’m angry.

I'm deadAnd most of all depressed…


Never has it crashed like this!

I’ve had my Macbook Pro for nearly 4-5 years now and never has it not rebooted. I cannot start it. It will not take me back to the main screen. Reminds me of a story of relying too much on technology. It’s not perfect. Sometimes, it crashes, it burns, and everything (including you) go tumbling along with it.

Previously mentioned in my DA Journal.

Crying..My MacBook Pro has crashed (froze while I was chatting in Nanowrimo room) and now I can’t even start it up in safe mode. Every time I start it, the Mac gets very hot. Been staring at the gray screen with the apple logo for more than 2 hours. Typing here on my IPhone. Don’t know when I’ll be back… until I can call or set an appointment with Tech Support. I’ve been awake all night at my wits end.

I do have a backup, but I’m still panicking. I really don’t want to lose anything. In the past, it’s happened before but never thought I’d go through it again, especially a Mac. Had it for almost 4 years and hardly no crashes… Just one. :grump: And I just updated NR2 with a few more scenes. God, I hate technology sometimes. Supposed to make our lives easier, but when it crashes it’s like everything burns down.

I even have videos, links on there and music I’d hate to lose…

ShockedI spoke to Tech Support this morning at 8 a.m. I’ll be taking my mac to the Apple Store tomorrow to see if they can still save my hard drive. If not, I’ll be very disappointed. Not looking forward to a do over.


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