What I Need…


Positive Thinking!I found my Photoshop Elements CD.



It doesn’t work and will not recognize the serial number, prompting it to shut down.


Good Job!I paid off $250 of my credit card bill and Geek Squad gave me $55 dollars back.


Noooo!I still owe about $1,419.15!


Finally done!

I did not lose everything when my hard drive crashed. Found three of my most recent and revised drafts of NR2, FR, and my new project FBT. So, that means I can still continue them, without starting all over from scratch. Phew!


Work!The new hard drive is updated with Office Word, however, my formatting is off the wall and I cannot change the settings. Not to mention, several font styles are missing and makes the interior look horrible. I miss the old days where I could use whatever font style I wanted. Drives me crazy!


LALALALALA!!!!!Createspace still saved my interior files.



It’s all in flash and I cannot convert it to a pdf file, nor can I transfer it to another program. I actually have to keep two windows open and type it all over as I go along each page.


  1. Get rid of all my credit card bills, (again!) by paying $200 dollars every month.
  2. Save up and try to find someone who can recover Damaged Hard Drives.
  3. Finish rewriting the sequel of NR and the other stories.
  4. Buy a new Photoshop software, either CS6, Extended, or Photoshop Elements 12. Each price varies from $699 to $999.
  5. Get a drawing Bamboo tablet, since my other one is broken.
  6. Need editing software for videos.
  7. Buy some workout clothes for the gym.
  8. I seriously need another 1 year membership at my gym.

6 thoughts on “What I Need…

  1. Does this part about finding the story information mean you’re going to participate in Camp NaNo? Or work on the FBT book another time? *shiny and hopeful eyes*

    • We’ll see how it goes. I only plan on doing 10k words this month and that’s it. It would be nice to write more, but I have so much on my plate right now that it’s going to be too difficult to keep up with everything so far. 😦

      • That’s okay. ^.^ I was just wondering. Thrilled you found some of the things you were hoping to. And it’s not like you’re giving up on writing, right? I’m still trying to finish on my PLOT for next month! And characters… Don’t get me started 😉

        Either way I hope to see you around or at least drop a message. We’ll see if I survive this Camp. XD

      • Nope, haven’t given up on writing… not yet hopefully. I was almost reaching that point last week and it wasn’t pretty. I’m just hoping I can get back to the habit of things, once I start writing again. Still concerned about some other stuff at the moment, so stress is another factor.

        Anyway, good luck in Camp Nano hon. I may see you around soon enough. ;p

      • We’ll always be around one way or another.

        Hope your can get your habit back. I’m still working at forming a decent writing “schedule”/habit. Find the thing you miss most about it and get back to it. Aim for that for the time being. It helps me off and on when I’m having block. Music helps too. When I can find the right music.

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