Big Ideas, Big Changes!

It's Gonna Be A Bumpy Ride!

You guys better hang on, because it’s gonna be a bumpy ride!


I have come to the conclusion that the NR series will be about 8 books…we’ll see how that goes in another month. 😐 Last night, a friend of mine who is notorious for writing very, long stories gave me a horrible, but brilliant idea. She gave me ideas for two novel titles, and I can’t help but feel that the reason that I’ve been rushing some of these scenes from the beginning…is in fact due to trying to cram everything into one big novel.

A 600 page novel would be impossible under these circumstances. Not only that, but the title for the third book is going to change. It’s official! Nightmarish Resolutions is going into the save box for the absolutely, final, concluding book to end everything. Since I’m self-publishing every book by hand, by myself, the thought of having chapters that are not only extremely vague while others really descriptive has come to my attention that I need to slow down and focus on some grave details.

So, there will be a huge difference in the coming up novels. A dramatic shift from the main character’s POV to other POVs of certain backgrounds. But these will be important characters and they will remain so throughout the entire series. I guarantee that there will be characters from first novel, who will pop up from time to time, even if it’s just one or two chapters.


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