Going On An Extreme Diet Plan

Exercising!  Yay!

I’ll be going on an extreme diet soon. I seriously need to get back into shape and pronto, before my gym membership expires. Need to lose as much weight as I can in the two weeks that I’m off. I’ll probably just eat soup and salad everyday for the next couple of days.


There’s just some things in my life (actually, a lot of things!) that I’m going through and I just can’t take it anymore.  I’m going to make some drastic changes and I’m going to do it right now.

I went to the gym and exercised for about four hours. Lost 1,002 calories doing cardio. Almost passed out. But I probably just gained it right back after eating some of my mom’s soup and some tea. I’ll try again tomorrow to work out at least 5-6 hours.

Then after I workout, I’m going to do lots and lots of writing. I need to run some errands tomorrow and get some things ready for the trip next week. I was planning on meeting some friends this weekend, but I don’t know if some of them will be able to make it. Everyone’s got such busy schedules. I’ve decided to stop texting some people, because they just have a habit of not texting me back for very, long periods of time.

I understand people haves lives to consider, but ignoring me completely or not replying to my text is just kind of plain rude. I’m usually not the person to even text these days. It’s gotten to the point where I should stop trying to hang out with people. I’m a writer, who has better things to do besides hanging out with people that don’t really give a damn whether I’m alive or not. I prefer to be alone and mostly live alone…


3 thoughts on “Going On An Extreme Diet Plan

  1. Please be careful with the diet and exercise. Overexerting yourself can do as much harm as being good to your body does good.

    There are days I love to do nothing but hide from the world and forget most everything, but then there are days where I seek out other writers because they understand the fickleness of it all. Usually.

    I have one friend who gets my texts but they’d get buried on his phone and there are some days where I don’t look at mine, but I let the person know later “hey, sorry I missed you, I was with so and so” or something like that.

    • No worries hon! I’ll be fine. 😀 Thanks for the concern though.

      Yeah…it happens to me all the time, but at least we make an effort to reply back. It’s ok. I’m sure some of them are just really busy right now with school and work, etc.

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