What Time Is It? Vacation Time!

Cool ShadesI am officially on my vacation!

Passed outAnd I’m going to do absolutely nothing today.

Attack of the killer Scorpion!Yesterday, I was nearly late for work. I usually wake up two hours before I have to leave, but on this particular day I couldn’t get up. Which is rare! I’ve never been late to work. Never. I always like to take my time and I like to get there early. I woke up 45 minutes before I had to start work.

Can you imagine my surprise? I ran so freaking fast to the bathroom, took a 1 minute shower, jumped out of the shower, brushed my teeth, fixed my hair, ran to my bedroom, got my clothes on, ran to the kitchen to fix my lunch, ran back to my room for my purse, and then ran out the door with my keys. It was insane.

I was so out of it yesterday, I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to stand up on two feet. That’s how extremely tired I was. I didn’t leave work early either; I left around six, due to waiting on someone. But I didn’t mind waiting as long as I wasn’t working. I eventually got home, took a shower, and went back out for takeout food that could last a small army. I bought some for the family too.

Not only did I enjoy this great takeout, I couldn’t even finish it. After that, I should’ve gone straight to bed, but nope, I stayed up till God knows what time, on my computer or listening to music. I was so restless and exhausted that I couldn’t even sleep last night. It’s funny I woke up early this morning…

Tea Time!

I’m going to sit here, listen to my music, and drink my cup of peppermint tea.

Then, I’m sleeping the entire day!

So very tired!!


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