Character Flaws: More Tragic Than My Main Character?


I’m so close to finishing this sequel, folks.  I really am!


Last night…well, this morning, I stayed up late and completed Act 2. Mostly organizing and editing each chapter for plot inconsistencies. Everything is linear…somewhat. We get a few chapters of the past as well, but there’s enough of a fluid transition to ease right back into the present. Yesterday, I did reach Act 3, but I didn’t want to stop. Some of my friends were telling me I needed to go to bed. 😛 I didn’t listen.

Anyway, I did get some sleep finally. But I’m on Chapter 30 or 31, depending on how it goes. I’ve been on a roll for quite some time, which is why I’m afraid to get started on it right now, since I’ll be going to work soon. I only have a few more edits and rewrites to do, and that’s it. I AM DONE! Regardless of how this one ends, I’ll be moving on with the trilogy and continuing on (or pretending) that I didn’t have a big section break in between.

BrokenheartedOne character that I’m working really hard on, is very three dimensional… is just… I can’t describe it. Just groundbreaking. In three words: heartbreaking, absorbing, and frightening all at the same time. I’m not bragging. I’m trying so hard not to give any details about this one and ruin it for you. I think I really outdid myself with this one. This character I’ve created is just so fascinating that every time I talk about them, I want to find out more about what happens.

Yes, my main character is interesting to… but for once in the story, he’s off to the side. But not in a bad way, in fact, the story still keeps on moving forward. This character will not only be as engaging as the others, but more compelling and sympathetic. The issues they represent or are going through will be a tough one for some people to read. A lot of the plot will be about what I’ve been seeing on the news lately.

Once I finish this sequel, I’ll be putting it away for a month or so….maybe. I kinda want to spend my time editing it next month, and hire an editor anyway. I don’t know if I’ll be competing in NaNo this year. I’ve got two novels I want to finally revise (complete) finish, end, put to rest, get it over with…you get the idea. This month and next. The sequel and the trilogy will be absolutely––definitely completed! There is no going back now. This is it.

ShockingGet ready everyone. It’s going to be truly shocking!


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