Writing The Book That Will Someday Kill Me In Real Life…


Yep, that’s right folks! This book series is going to kill me in real life.

Sigh...Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow… but in the future, I will be killed because I wrote this entire series.

I'm dead

“What book,” you ask? Well, it hasn’t been published yet, but I’m working on it. Trust me, I’m trying so hard to get myself killed. I’m sure you’ll understand one day. Or maybe not. It doesn’t matter, I’m still going to accomplish it. Don’t worry. It’ll be better this way.

Going out with a bang is what I’ve always wanted. Who wants to die peacefully? Not me! 😀 I’ll be going out with loud music blaring, sunglasses on, a smile on my face as I drive right off that damn cliff.

I’m writing a book (many books in fact) that’s going to change this world… maybe? Will it change the world for the better or worse? I don’t know. Right now, there are so many horrible things in this world that are so bad, really bad. The world’s gone to shit in a hand basket and I just have to write about it. Sorry.

To those following me, maybe you shouldn’t follow me. Just a suggestion. After I finish NR the trilogy and the remaining sequels, I’m going to focus all my attention on a very old story of mine that I’ve been working on for nearly a decade now. I’ve decided to make some drastic changes. This is going to be big. So, here’s what my main writing strategy is…

Hero Time!For my last series called Legendary (name will change as well) I will not publish this series until it’s completely finished. In addition, the blogs linked to this series will reopen again. Or I may open them beforehand and talk more about the struggles and progress of getting myself killed there. Who knows? *shrug* Getting myself killed over there won’t make much of a difference anyway. By the time Book One is out, I’m already dead.

That means all twenty something books or more will be revised, rewritten, polished, edited, and everything! I will publish these all at the same time. In one go. No waiting ten months or ten years. That’s right folks, every single one of them at the same time!Finally done!

I’m going to also finish RF series as well before I start working on this last project of mine. Hopefully, by the time I’m fifty years old, my life’s work shall be complete… maybe?


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