What Is Up With Those Cliffhangers? The Walking Dead Show Rant!


Love it!

I love the Walking Dead show! Love the characters, the story, and the drama.

Angry as Hell

But God do I hate those cliffhangers!  I really hate those endings… and where the hell is Beth?  I have a love and hate relationship with this show!

So happy!Love that Morgan is back!  I love him! I love him!

Noooo!But why did you have to do such a horrible thing to poor Bob? He was going to be my favorite character. He’s actually a really nice guy, who found a purpose in life and was falling in love with Tara Sasha!

I am so mad that Rick didn’t go back and kill those Terminus guys. He was right! They would be back in numbers. Maybe we should start calling them Termites, ’cause they are beginning to look like parasites every day, except they’re a lot deadlier and they are cannibals. Looks like Bob is going out like Dale… or like Hershel, in the way. They all died painful deaths! And who is this Father Gabriel. I don’t know why he’s in the group. Do you think you can replace Bob with Gabriel? I don’t think so.

I already hate Father Gabriel––he’s a coward. I have a funny feeling he probably locked out everyone from his entire church (and town) and left them behind to die horrible deaths. Father Gabriel, you couldn’t share some of the canned food, now could you? Couldn’t even leave them a going away present, could ya? While he stayed cozy inside the building, everyone starved to death and then turned into zombies; he survived by eating the canned foods left over from the Food Drive, which was for charity. What a low life!

Sorry, but I don’t like Father Gabriel and he should’ve been in Bob’s place from the gecko. Bob did not deserve that! Now, he’s Shish KaBob! So sad. 😦 I guess I’ll have to stay tuned for the next episode and find out what happens to poor Bob.




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