Some Tough Decisions To Make… My Life Sucks Right Now!

I'm hit!

I’m seriously not liking the new wordpress layout.


Can you guys just give people a freaking choice? Or make a button, where I can click on it, so I can always stick to the classic mode forever, instead? I hate having to switch it every Goddamn time.


Pardon my language, folks, but I’m not in the best of moods today. Listening to some music, so I can cool off. I’m just so out of it. So if my writing reflects my chaotic state of mind, then I’m sorry about that. Actually. Nope. I don’t give a damn. I’m too exhausted and angry as hell to actually care about my spelling and grammar at this point.

Work hasn’t been the greatest either. Just peeved about some issues, that’s all. I’ve got a lot of work to do and I’m just flipping out. I haven’t even started on some of the things I was supposed to do––things I have to do––planned to do!

Life really sucks. I’m thinking of paying off that credit card tomorrow. All of it! All $880 and 90 cents of it, and yet… the thought of taking money out of my life savings just to get it out of my hair, doesn’t jive well for me. If I can get it done and over with, I won’t have to worry about it. Right?

Sweatdrop...I’m still thinking about it. I’m just frustrated with this Goddamn world, the economy, the government, everything. I probably should pay little by little. I have no life right now. I barely have time for myself. Just work, work, work.

A lot of people are actually leaving work, because they’re either fed up with the system, can’t survive paycheck to paycheck, or not getting the hours they need. Others got fired for the stupidest reasons. Some are working two or three jobs just to survive! Wow! I don’t know if I could do that with my crazy work schedule.

At least for three weeks…it’s sort of stable…for a little bit. I’m wondering if I should just do the same. But then again, where would that leave me? It wouldn’t solve anything. If I just walk off and quit, especially with Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up and all, I’ll have no money left in my bank account.

So, I need to be wiser than that and save up as much as I can. I’m trying to put some money to the side, hoping to save up for a rainy day, saving up for my graphic novel, saving up for my film equipment and software. I have a lot of saving to do!

I’m basically living paycheck to paycheck. A naive, yet loyal customer asked me yesterday how my film projects were going. It was an innocent question, but I just looked at him and said “Slow.”

What I really wanted to say to him was “It’s practically nonexistent. You see me working everyday here, buddy.”

And that’s why I think a lot of people are leaving… the pay is so little, the taxes so high, health care sucks, the benefits suck, and the work is way too stressful. Some of the people there are real nice, but I feel as though (the entire system) is the same bullshit as my previous job. I need to get out of it. All of it. But not yet…not yet. 


I was thinking of going to the theater to watch Interstellar… but I’ve heard not so stellar reviews about it. 


I think I’ll just stick to my Walking Dead show. I won’t be using up my gas, money, and my precious time. It comes on TV free anyway, on AMC. Well… sort of. Still thinking about some key factors for my trilogy. I’m stuck apparently. Don’t know what’s up. Don’t know why I can’t continue it. I’m getting fed up with it. I tried writing for my other series and my mind is just a blank slate.

Is it exhaustion? Fatigue? Depression? I haven’t got the faintest clue. When I’m at work, I think about sleeping. And when I’m at home, I think about work. That’s pretty much it.

Oh yOMG!eah, some good news. My beta reader (my sister) told me she doesn’t actually hate my sci-fi/western story. Which is quite odd. She kinda likes it. 😐

I have no idea what she likes about the story or why. Or why she gave me nothing but negatives the first time we talked, and I’m still waiting for her to tell me why she even likes it (the positives) about the story. She couldn’t even remember the characters’ names. xD

....I guess I’ll just have to wait. For however long that’ll be, until she ever gets the chance to have a day off. Maybe next century she’ll actually tell me.


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