TWD Recap & Some Other Painful Things…

Passed out

I’ve been suffering from severe headaches at work and was passed out for nearly two days.


Luckily, I woke up just in time to see The Walking Dead.

A bit dizzy

Now, I can’t even sleep anymore. Here’s my recap. Where in the world is Rick and the others? He’s been gone for like two weeks now. They’ve got 2 more episodes left. I hope they wrap this up quick. Lately, I haven’t seen much of Michonne either. Been kinda quiet since those Termites died. And where is Morgan? We get one little glimpse of him three episodes ago and that’s it? AMC stop teasing us.  Is he going to join the group or not? Just make up your mind.

They’re probably still at the church, but I’m surprised they didn’t do any scene changers or even flashbacks of the others to see if they’re worried about… something. At least show us what they plan to do from here on out. Are they just going to wait it out until the others come back? Didn’t Rick tell Carl never to stay in one place for too long? With how things are going, it could’ve been at least a month before the others come back.

It was great to see Carol and Daryl this episode, especially some back story. However, it was a little much. I didn’t like the old Carol before, but now I’m loving Carol even more. She is not a victim––she’s a survivor. Yeah… the world had to end before she finally got the courage to stand up and kill some actual zombies. Carol, you might not go to hell for surviving, but in my mind, you did the right thing. You deserve an award! At least a place where you can rest and be at peace. Hopefully, next week’s episode we can get some action sequences.

Beth better kill something or someone… I’m actually not that worried about how this next episode is going to pan out. For some reason, things have been a little repetitive this season. It seems wherever Rick and his group go, there’s this head leader or gang of crazies they have to bring down. If key players do die at the end of this season, I may not be watching The Walking Dead for much longer.

I still love Carol, Michonne, Daryl, Carl, and Rick (despite his ups and downs). But it’s getting to the point where I kinda want to see them end the show right now and have everyone’s arch come to a final end. I’m not liking where a favorite character dies and then they bring in a new one.

At some point, the original cast will no longer be there, including my beloved favorites. If they can have some kind of conclusion where everyone finds happiness in a world of no hope, I’ll be overall content with the entire show. Kind of feel like they’re dragging some parts though, including Beth’s episode––I sensed no imminent threat on her life, even though Mr. Rapey Cop and Female Hitler were always on her case about some stupid rule.

I just didn’t sense any real danger on her life per say and Mr. Rapey Cop did die a little too quickly (now that I’m thinking about it) and not enough suffering, including the one-armed girl, who we barely got to know. No back story was even given on her. Why should I feel sorry for her again? I don’t know why I feel that, but I know for a fact that the writers, director, and the producer don’t want certain characters to die too quickly due to high ratings. Now, it just seems more like a popularity contest. Who will die in this? Morgan? Rick?

You can do it!

Anyway, can’t wait for next episode. Here’s to Rick and his group. Hope you guys kick Dawn’s butt!


In some other news, not related to the Walking Dead show… I finally did a little bit of writing even though I’m technically not doing Nano this month. I think I may need some new glasses, but I’ve been experiencing a lot more headaches now. I’m not wearing my glasses now, so I’ve had to enlarge the screen ten times just to see what I’m actually writing. I may take some meds though, since it’s becoming chronic.

Never had problems like this before. With the strange weather patterns lately, I haven’t been in the best moods to write.. even my teeth hurt. I think I may be experiencing sinus colds or sinus pressure in the nasal cavity. Even certain smells trigger it as well. Another reason for my extreme fatigue at work is having to clean all the time and having to use a lot of the chemicals, toxic ones. That might be one of the reasons why I’m not feeling too well, since they give me no mask to wear or even gloves for that matter. I almost passed out at work, because of it.

I even went to a party on Friday night, even though I was unwell to do so. It was two going-away parties and two birthday parties all in one… I didn’t even drink and I didn’t go to bed until well after 12 a.m.  Another thing for my odd behavior is… I’m getting bite marks at work by either mosquitoes, fleas, or ticks. I don’t know what’s biting me, but it’s very unpleasant and leaves large puss filled bruises on my skin.

So, all of that in one big combo is pretty much why I collapsed Saturday evening and didn’t wake up until the Walking Dead, the next day, and then went right back to sleep, only to wake up at 8:30 or 9 today, on Monday. I probably need to do some walking and get some fresh air or something.

 I'm dead


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