So Close But Still So Far… A Lot Of Work To Do!

Don't hurt me!

Sorry folks, but the trilogy to NR is giving me some slight problems. It just won’t cooperate with me! Don’t worry though, I’ll have it fixed in no time… I hope.


I’ve got some new ideas, including some theories of my own. Don’t have any idea what I’m doing, but that’s okay. It’s all part of the process.


I’ll just have to work harder at it. I know I can do it! Still trying to get in the swing of writing again, despite that I won’t be doing NaNo this year. That was due more to personal problems and work related issues that seriously stressed me out. Forcing myself to write has been quite the challenge. However, I did write a couple of scenes at work and I’ve also done an outline to help keep my thoughts focused. Don’t know what’ll happen next, but I’m going to try my best. Some chapters will have to be rearranged…

The sequel so far is still good and I haven’t changed anything, except I did take out two scenes (chapters), which makes it the same page count for the first novel. The only big difference is the formatting and I actually have more words than the original, even though it’s at 356 pages. I don’t know what the revising stages will bring. Will it be more or less? I have no clue. One problem remains clear, it needs to stick with a linear storyline with very little flashbacks. The later novels will focus on the past and I’ve finally decided to keep it that way for good. Need to keep it really simple and move the story forward, not backwards… or I’m going to get lost myself. I just didn’t want the main premise to get muddy.

I’m trying so hard it’s not even funny right now. I’d hate to have all these loose ends just out there in the open and nothing is ever being explained. Personally, I hate that in a series, (whether it’s a TV show, anime, manga, book) and that doesn’t keep me from wanting to read on, it just infuriates me even more and then I stop completely. Angry as Hell

It’s going to be very interesting to see where this will lead me. The new characters are keeping me on my toes. Some unexpected events are going to occur, because I actually had to change some things in order to make it realistic enough. What’s going to happen next? I don’t know anymore. 😐 I know one thing is certain… I’m going to have lots more action and suspense in this trilogy. Then, all chaos is going to break loose in the fourth book. I know exactly what I must do, I just need to sit down and actually do it.

I got a glimpse of the new Jurassic World trailer and it looks quite interesting. Brings back the same type of feelings I had when I saw the first movie, Jurassic Park. A classic! Ah, nostalgia. Those were my childhood memories and I’m hoping this new movie doesn’t suck badly. Please, don’t remind me of those horrible sequels. Ugh! They were so bad.

Tomorrow, I’ll pay off almost (if not) all of my credit card bill. I’m nearly there. Once I finish paying off that horrible sucker, I’ll start saving some money. By the time, December rolls around I’m hoping to finish writing off the trilogy. I’ll start planning to get some commissions done. First on my list is… I need to look for an editor. Then, when I finish with the editor, I’ll be getting some art commissions done as well.


Still haven’t reached that stage yet… not comfortable with where I am. Need lots of revisions and rewriting. When I do feel completely done, I’ll send it to someone for feedback. For some reason, I keep holding it back until I can get to a point in my series where I feel like I’m done. Kind of want to wait until I have book 4 done… right now, it’s just one big mess.

The Walking Dead show is on tonight. Only a few more episodes left. Once the season’s done, I won’t have much to watch on TV anyway. So, I may be able to get a lot more done in terms of writing. We’ll see how work pans out during the holidays. It’s going to be very busy real soon for the next two months.


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