A Very Sad & Frustrating Episode: The TWD Rant!




This is probably the most depressing episode ever. Actually, I wasn’t a big fan of Beth, especially in the beginning. She was naïve, gullible, and innocent. I figured she’d die in a heartbeat. But she kinda grew on me after a while, even though we didn’t see much of her.

In fact, she was a lot stronger than I imagined. If only she could have slit Dawn’s neck and then we could’ve called it even. Maybe even a perfect kill? Beth, sweetie… could you not stab her next time and aim a little higher? I know Beth’s not the killing type, but I was a bit sadden to see her go after all we’ve been through just trying to find her and get her back. After she was missing for like nearly half (if not all) a season, we finally got a chance to see Beth and how she was surviving, only to see her die. Geez, what a tragic end.

Finally done!Maybe she should’ve left Noah and they could’ve rescued him next season? I mean, you couldn’t wait until Maggie and the others came parading through that door? Couldn’t wait for backup to arrive? There’s so many possibilities as to how they could’ve gotten Noah! Maybe in a way Beth even loved Noah? Well, now we will never really know…? I have a feeling next season is going to be Maggie, crying, sulking, and practically depressed and in a suicidal state for many episodes to come. First of all, Maggie, why did it take you this long to even think about Beth? Isn’t she your sister? Not one mention of your sister’s name at all––did you just want to forget about her?

I'm deadNow, I can talk from experience… because I do have a big sister and she’d never leave me alone to fend for myself, no matter what. Actually, I think my sister would be like Michonne with the samurai sword and be one hell of a fighting machine. I have to be honest and say I’m more like Beth myself and I could actually relate to her, but honey… if you’re going to die, die fighting!

Err…on second thought, if I were in Beth’s same situation…I would’ve died a lot sooner than Beth did ’cause I wouldn’t stay in that hospital, not even for a day. The scene where Beth is sitting by the elevator, I probably would’ve gone to the very first floor and jump to my death. Yeah… I think I’d rather be dead than alive, to tell you to truth. 😐

Anyway, moving along. I have to state that this season was a bit disappointing overall, let me be honest here. It was actually very slow in certain parts, and I didn’t really feel as much tension or excitement as when the first two seasons came out. The longer they drag The Walking Dead, I feel I’m actually getting bored with it. During this season finale, I actually lost interest in it throughout the show and was trying very hard not to change the channel.

What kept me watching is Rick’s character and how much he’s changed thus far; he’s accepted this new world and refuses to go through other people’s bullshit. Anyone who puts the team in danger is a liability to all, and put down like a rabid dog. Once again, the actor playing Rick is amazing and I still love him to death. It feels like Rick is becoming more like Shane everyday.

The fact that Beth’s death was actually a little jarring more than shocking to me was not an instrumental force. The show is still very predictable to me. I could see Beth’s death a mile away––just the look on her face when she stared at Dawn told me she was going to get herself killed. Don’t get me wrong, I did feel sad at her passing away (seeing Daryl cry made me cry) and I did sort of feel like her death was a bit sloppy, but I got over it in a matter of minutes.

Now, if it had been Michonne… or Daryl that got killed in this episode. All Hell would break loose. I’d stop watching the show and go on strike for months. This episode Gabriel ran off and then came back, bringing an army of the living dead with him to the church. Nice job, father. Way to go.

Mad as hellIf there’s one character that I hate the most, it’s Father Gabriel. If I had to pick the top five people, who should die, be killed, or be eaten, Gabriel would be the number one person. Second, would be Sasha, for being an idiot. Third, would be Abraham. Fourth, would be Eugene. Fifth, would be Maggie, since next season (believe it or not) she’s going to be a total wreck and I’m not looking forward to that part one bit. Just quickly move on Maggie––pick up a sword and start killing zombies wherever you find them. Burn down the hospital. Work out all that rage inside of you. It’s good exercise.

But Gabriel just has to die, like right now. Like pronto! It was good to see Michonne behead walkers with a baby on her back. Is there anything this woman can’t do?

Hero Time!She is like Super Lady Samurai!

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