Hoping To Take A Little Vacation Soon…Need Lots of Rest!

Ouch!Yesterday, I had a mini-heart attack at work. Mostly chest pains… or it could’ve been some acid-reflux. Never had it before so it was very new to me.

Can't get up!

I’m going to have to take it easy a bit. I’ve been taking care of a stray cat, editing/rewriting NR #3 & #4, working six… sometimes 7 days straight and eating less.  

Sipping some juice!

For some reason, I’ve given more care to the cat than myself. I don’t know why, but I just love that cat so much. I’m hoping to tame her, so she can get adopted. Luckily, I’m not alone and there are others at work, who are taking care of her as well.

I actually lost a lot of weight just by eating less. I’m on a soup diet. That could be why I had some acid-flux the other day. Good thing it wasn’t a stroke, but heart disease does run in my family. So I need to have some stress free days as well. Don’t know if I’ll go to the doctor for a check-up. Taking care of an animal is a huge responsibility though. With my busy lifestyle, I actually don’t have the patience for the task at hand. Did I mention that I would come back to my place of work, just to feed the cat? Yeah…so technically any days off for me wasn’t actually a day off.

Anyway, I’m off for two days and I will not be taking care of the cat, who we’ve named Patches. She’s a Calico cat with yellow eyes. She’s a bit shy around people she doesn’t know, but she’s getting accustomed to being fed every day. I’ve gotten her to jump on the table to eat, which is good. I’ll watch her eat sometimes. I’ll make sure she’s had her full. She’s nice and healthy, but not overweight. Her coat is looking a lot better as well and she’s not throwing up as much either.

I bought her some hairball treatment, dry and wet cat food, and some dental treats to help manage her gums and all that, so she doesn’t get rotten teeth. Got Patches some worm medicine, since she ate one of the squirrels in Garden, about two weeks or so. I was afraid she’d get rabies. She’s doing better now. It was probably because nobody was feeding her at the time and the only person who did feed her was on vacation for two weeks. That’s when I took it upon myself to take care of Patches. Been doing it for a little over 2 weeks now, about ten days to be exact. Thankfully, we have more people feeding her, which is good!

Finally done!

So my job is done. Patches is in good health and will be fed daily from now on, for the rest of her days. Besides, all by myself, it’s expensive feeding and giving medicine to animals, especially dogs and cats. Let’s face it––I’m broke!

Sweatdrop...In other news, I’m about to lose my mind over editing the trilogy and the fourth book of NR. I need to get some character art done… but let’s take this one step at a time. I’m not ready to publish as of yet and I still have so much revising & rewriting to do. I’ve tried to write a little everyday, but my mind was too preoccupied with taking care of Patches. Now that she’ll be taken care of, I can finally write some scenes I’ve been meaning to do today.

I don’t know if I’ll have enough material for 8 books. I’d like to think that I do, but a lot of it seems to be filler. Like I’m not really getting anywhere with it. With the introduction of new characters in this sequel, I may be able to continue straight on the path with the main protagonist’s story in this third book. I may just mention the other characters in a few chapters and no more than that.

All the villains have been fully introduced, including some new ones. From this point on, I can actually decide if I’ll dedicate a few chapters to them as well… or if I’ll leave that out for an alternate series. I really want to bring back an old friend of mine. His presence was surely missed in the last book and I’ll probably have him in the next one as well. It was actually kind of odd not having him around as the gentle voice of reason. And yes, that’s a spoiler by the way. I’m sure you’ll figure it out. Deal with it. 😀

So now I have a couple of choices to make.

  • I could cut it off in the fourth book, leaving an open-ended conclusion.
  • End it in a cliff-hanger, leaving all my readers to hate me.
  • Plan to continue the series after I finish another series, which may take forever.
  • Or just hurry it up and end it already.

Of course, when I start working on FR (the sci-fi western), I’ll be in a totally different mind frame and mood. I highly doubt that I’ll go back to NR, if ever, unless I get some other ideas for it. Still undecided. Did I mention the fourth book of NR is nearly 500 pages? Not to mention the third book, I may have to cut some things out, so the story is not always jumping around everywhere from character to character. 😐 Although, the further the series continues there will be a lot of other characters to focus on as we dwell in the past, present, and future.

Evil smirk

Let’s just say as the story continues, things get worse and worse for our heroes.


Eh, we’ll see how it goes. All I can really do is just take it one day at a time. I really would like to be done with NR completely, in a way that I’m truly satisfied with the conclusion. I’d like to move onward to bigger and better things.


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