I Am So Mad Part 2: I Figured It Out!



Remember that previous post I Am So Mad: Ticked Off About Bowker|Identifers Services… about the previous post called Total Costs of Everything?


Disregard the previous post I made. I’ll probably scratch it all out later on or just delete it.

All right, so I figured it out. I paid $250 dollars for ISBN#s, not barcodes. I didn’t realize the two are separate from one another. With the ISBN#s I can use one for the paperback and another for the ebook. Ebooks do not need a barcode. I repeat, ebooks do not need a barcode whatsoever.

The barcode doesn’t come with the ISBN#s. So for every paperback book I publish, whether it’s the sequel or not, I have to fork over $25 dollars for each barcode. I do not need 10 barcodes right now, but over the years I can pay for a barcode whenever I’m ready to publish or whenever I’m ready to set a price. Once the price is set on the barcode it cannot be changed at all, not in a million years. You would need to buy another ISBN# and a new barcode with the lower or higher price range set.

ISBN#s and barcodes are not the same, even though they’re one in the same. I thought I had paid for both, but technically I had only paid for the ISBN#s. And knowing all this information is half the battle. G.I. Joe! 😛


Boy, do I feel stupid now!


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