Copyediting The Book Proof: The Good & The Bad

Sigh...Well folks, I’m almost done reading the book proof. On the last few chapters now.

Let’s start off with the bad news first…


The book proof will surely have to be revised. There are a couple of things that need editing. I knew that the proof wouldn’t be perfect––they are never printed right the first time around. So, there will be a second proof and then maybe later a third.

I noticed certain scenes will need to have a transition, because it’s quite abrupt. For example: one character is in a room, then suddenly he’s outside in like the next paragraph.  I may have to break it up. Another major issue is… I have a problem with repeating myself. As if that wasn’t obvious enough. There will be some sentences that I’ll have to cut out or change completely. Nothing out of the ordinary like the first novel.

Words I hate to use over and over again:

  1. Door/doorway
  2. Hallway, alleyway, alley, & halls.
  3. Room, classroom, bedroom, & class.
  4. Window/windowsill
  5. Lifted, picked up, carry.
  6. Smiled, smile, grin, & grinned.
  7. Sighed/sigh
  8. Heavy breathing, breath, breathe.
  9. Moan/groan
  10. laugh, laughing, & laughter.
  11. Sip/drink
  12. Just
  13. Down/settle down.
  14. Bed/mattress.

I hate repeating myself and it’s a habit I can’t seem to break. In addition, certain verbs and nouns seem misplaced, especially when it deals with plural and singular terms. I seriously need to fix that. Not to mention, I need to kill a few comma splices.


Now, for the good news!


From what I’ve read there’s no long, run-on sentences. No huge spelling mistakes, which is great. The overall sentence flow and pacing of NR is not bad. I like it! It makes sense and it’s linear, even the flashback scenes are used effectively. I don’t think readers will have a hard time understanding what is going on.

There are some scenes I absolutely love to death! Other scenes are just so intense, I can’t help but feel on the edge of my seat. So far, there’s not one scene or chapter I really hate.

That’s good! If I hate something, then there’s a huge problem with it.

All the old and new characters are very compelling, unique in appearance/mannerisms and seem quite interesting so far. Some of the dialogue, including thoughts are enlightening, funny, hilarious, unusual, and entertaining. At one segment, I actually laughed out loud. There’s another section where I couldn’t stop crying. Coming from me, these are two good reactions. Wasn’t expecting that.

Even though I’m the original author/writer, I’ve distanced myself from the sequel and I am reading this novel as if I’ve never read it before. Pretending to be a reader helps me view the world in a different light. 

After I finish reading the last pages, I may put up the sequel for awhile longer before making up my mind about what needs to be changed. I don’t want to be in a hurry to suddenly make revisions everywhere, unless it’s really necessary. I’ll fix what only needs to be revised, such as grammar, structure, clarity, repetition, and so on.

Passed outAnyway, I’ll be hitting the sack right about now… 


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