The Walking Dead Is Back! And Some Other News…


I’m still angry at Wordpress. I changed my blog’s theme and then changed it back again… which made me lose everything on the side panel, including my pet penguins. Hate the new look! Can’t even view my old dashboard to click on other settings.

Love it!In just two and a half more hours, The Walking Dead will be on tonight!

yes!I seriously can’t wait. You see me hopping up and down, right?


In other news, I finished some of the edits for NR, the sequel. However, I’m still waiting it out some more, until I can figure out when I’m going to actually publish the darn thing. A friend of mine was supposed to help me with the editing, but he ditched me for more important matters. It doesn’t matter. I filed out my taxes and went to the DMV.

No Money coming in...Then, I celebrated my mother’s birthday and I’m officially broke. Again.

Oh well, she’s worth every penny.

Anyway, life goes on and hopefully I’ll get my tax return soon in a couple of weeks or months. Paying off one last bill next week. Did a lot of cleaning yesterday and the day before. Getting ready for my sister to come over and visit for a week. I’ll be having a little mini-vacation soon. I work the next three days and then I’m off for four. Yay!

helpI have no idea when I’m going to finish the trilogy. There’s just too many things going on at the same time. I really would like to start on my graphic novel for FR, especially the artwork, the covers, and so on. It would be nice if I started paying my artist for a change. But I haven’t gotten anything for her to draw yet. In the next couple of months (I’ll wait a year), if things do go according to my plans I may take a very, very long hiatus.

It’s a huge risk. And it’s not a popular one on my list. If I do this task, I’ll be writing for six months to a year straight. I want to finish the NR series, FR, and Legendary. I want to finish all of them within a year. And I’d like to get them all fully edited as well, so I can publish them a month apart from each other.

The risks are too great. But I feel that my calling is more important, whatever that may be. Wherever it takes me, it’ll be something big…

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