Cheerleading For Camp Nano.

You can do it!

Instead of writing this year, I’ve become a Cheerleader for Camp Nano!


I’m in a cabin with other people and I’ll be rooting them on to finish their stories.


Due to my crazy schedule, I know for a fact that I won’t be able to get much writing done. It’s okay though. What I really need to do is actually take a break and just relax for a few days. Anyway, I don’t mind motivating other writers to finish their stories. In fact, I feel honored to even be invited to a cabin in the first place.

Last time I did Camp Nano it was the worst, since my computer crashed. I thought I lost everything. Got a little depressed because of it, due to the horrible circumstances in life that I couldn’t explain. So glad that’s over with. Thank goodness. Learn from me folks, save everything on an external hard drive!

....Haven’t done much editing these days. Still waiting for feedback.

Was very sick at work two days ago and had to leave early. I’m taking something to manage whatever illness I have. Almost threw up in front of my coworker, but I was able to rush straight to the bathroom. That’s happened twice now––no, thrice! Last year I got so sick, I had to use the bathroom like three or four times. Had to call the supervisor and leave my station. She wasn’t happy, since it was a very busy night.

Luckily, she called for backup and we had enough coverage. It wasn’t a pleasant experience and I’m hoping it doesn’t happen again. My stomach has been giving me so much trouble as well, so I might’ve caught a bug of some kind. I work with hundreds of people everyday, so it’s no big surprise that I’d get sick. However, I usually don’t get sick this often. I seriously think it had something to do with the gym I went to, before any of this ever happened. Ever since I went to that particular gym, my immune system has never been the same again.

Or it could be extreme stress… or fatigue… or both. My eye twitching is back and with vengeance.

Trying my best to use herbal ingredients and get myself back into shape. I’ve gained too much weight, so finding a gym would be nice… but it needs to be a safe, clean, and healthy place that has good air circulation. None of these places seem to like leaving the windows open for some reason, so if someone has a cold and sneezes on the equipment it just circulates right through the vents. And then everybody gets sick. So far, no Ebola here… please God, let’s hope it stays that way.

I’m thinking of adding another drawing of a villain(s) in the sequel of NR. Still isn’t official as of yet, but we’ll see how it goes. If I add too many, the book will be too long and before you know it, I’ll have too many portraits of random people, who really shouldn’t be there. I have a habit of overdoing things. So let’s not go there.


Studying the history and art of graphic novels is not easy.

I cannot tell you how many manga, comic book, and graphic novels I’ve been looking at (as well as researching)… because quite frankly––I’ve lost count. I firmly believe that having my graphic novel broken up into several parts will be the most economical and logical solution. Not to mention, less time consuming and less expenses.

However, my gut feeling is telling me to create one book with everything I want, and then go from there. To end it in one quick, final swoop. That would be nice as well, instead of dragging a dead horse that’s been beaten way too many times.

There’s a lovely imagine for you.

I don’t want to go over the 400 page mark. Besides, I don’t think I have the money to afford such an endeavor. I’m thinking 250–300 pages in total. Or I could do less… maybe less than 200 pages at a time and see where it takes me. I haven’t decided. There’s so much that goes into a graphic novel that I may put it off, until I have the books ready to publish. So many styles to do, so many topics to choose from.

I still haven’t made up my mind on what kind of story I want as of yet. I was still thinking of doing political satire. But now, I’ve changed my mind somewhat. There’s another story I kinda wanted to do. I really wanted to see it come to life as either a movie or a graphic novel.

Once again, it would be an alternate version, yet complete in it’s own right. It might have a satisfying conclusion… sort of. The only problem is that it’s safe. Maybe too safe to cause much of a ripple in the world. I know for a fact it will not rock the boat… eh, maybe just a little…

Another fact is it would be really short though, since I’ll be making it into a script or screenplay of about 90 to 120 pages. 120 pages is the max! It might be doable and focuses on all the characters throughout the series in a different light (or perspective). Linear timeline, so there’s no jumping back and forth. Instead of writing a novel for this alternate story, I could do a test run and see how it goes with the first issue.

Hmm...let's see now

There’s so many stories to pick from, so many possibilities… it’s endless…


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