Not Enough To Rock The Boat…


I was going over the formatting for my screenplay, when I noticed I kept stopping at a certain point. Grant it, the script is only four pages long… but I felt that I was missing something.


As I was reading, nothing seemed to stick out to me. I was not hooked enough to continue.


The story itself is too tame. Not that it’s supposed to be shocking all the time, but I like reading and discussing political topics that relate to this world.

A bit dizzy

I have two choices to make…

1.) Stick to the original and add the political stuff in later with some subtle hints. I’ll break up the parts into sections, end it quickly, and publish it later. However, the downside to this is… I may not have enough to make a sequel or branch it out to possible smaller continuations as much as I had planned. So, it’s gotta be one story only.

Or 2.) Hit people over the head with it, the concept, the political satire, and just discuss issues that are considered too taboo. Important issues the world chooses to ignore. If I go with this choice, I know for a fact I’ll have some haters out there. However, this series will also be broken up, but each section will be about a different subject and have a complete story with a beginning, middle, and end.

Either readers love it or they hate it. There will be no one in between.


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