Taking A Day Or Two To Rest…

Passed out

I was so tired I slept for 15 hours straight. That’s more than half a day.


Didn’t get up until like 1 or 2 P.M.

A bit dizzy

I’ll be working for almost two weeks straight this week and next… not looking forward to that at all… but I need the money.


Still no news about the feedback for my novels. I had some character illustrations done though and they look amazing. Thanks to Nicoy! I might get one more character done, so I can call it even… or I might start thinking about the design cover for the graphic novel. I’ve already got a great title going.

Not to mention, I’m revising the screenplay due to a dream I had a couple nights ago. It was only supposed to be three simple acts, now it’s like five. Decisions, decisions. 

Now, my NR sequel is about 364 pages long. It’s okay… no big deal, I’ll somehow manage to live. Haven’t been able to go back and even look at the sequel. Just not in the mood whatsoever. My brain hurts too much to even think. Kinda feeling meh.....

Anyway, I’ll be taking a long vacation soon, about ten days to be exact… hopefully, two months from now. Can this month and the next please end? Like right now? I hate waiting. I hope next month, I’ll get some kind of reply. I haven’t been able to work on anything new lately, just jotting down notes and ideas. That’s pretty much it.

Thinking about buying some more books and comics too. I’ve got a huge wish list! Nearly 60 something books I want to buy on Amazon and read before I die. Haven’t been to a library due to that one incident. So now I get my books from only one place. I do buy at other places and even bookstores, but not as much these days. 

Now, for the Walking Dead Recap.


Sunday’s episode was…. eh …

I surrender!I’ll still watch the 90-minute finale this week… but I think the show’s starting to lose my interest. There were a lot of plot holes in this one, a lot of things that didn’t make sense. Things that should’ve been explained. Like for example:

Why doesn’t Maggie talk to Deanna (whatever her name is) who runs Alexandria about Father Gabriel’s lies?

Why doesn’t Michonne carry her katana sword with her when she and the other girl go looking for Sasha, in the woods? But instead, she takes a gun?

Why is Rick becoming a psychotic, crazed douche bag? And why is Carl more level-headed than his father?

Why didn’t Glen and Eugene explain their sides of the story first to Deanna (The Governor of Alexandria), especially when it involves her son being eaten alive by zombies and how that one coward in the group left them to die?

With two believable and honest accounts of what really happened at that scene, she’d have to reconsider. Two truths against one lie, Deanna would have to believe that her own community scout runner is nothing more than a lying, two-faced coward. Don’t forget this coward has a history already with leaving people behind, like that other group, and it’s happened more than twice now.

It kind of reminds me of the time when Maggie’s sister went missing (Beth) and not one of the episodes focused on Maggie ever once thinking about her sister… or her condition… or how she might be doing or where she might be. Not even Daryl mentioned it. He never told anyone in the group either, which was really out of character.

Did people suddenly suffer from amnesia or something? If they did, then I could understand why characters in the show keep forgetting to reveal important information (especially since We the audience know) that could possibly save someone’s life. If Daryl had said something like this, in the beginning…

Little Cowboy“And uh… by the way Maggie, I just wanna let you know… this kinda is important. You know you had a little sister. I think her name was Beth, right? Oh, you know that one? She might’ve been taken… not sure at this point, but I did see a car drivin’ off into the dark woods with a white cross on the window. It was in the middle of the night, when we stayed at that one church; it was really clean inside and I slept in a coffin. Well, um… Beth was nowhere to be found.

So she’s probably kidnapped by a serial rapist or some cannibals, either one… and we should like totally do somethin’ about it. Like right now. Bring the others ’cause we might need ’em. No, you don’t remember her? O–kay then. I see… well she does die when you do finally get the chance to remember her, that’s in the last episode. And after that… for about ten more episodes you’ll be cryin’ and feelin’ guilty fer yourself that you didn’t do nothin’ about it. Just sayin’…” 


And it’s the little things that could’ve, would’ve… you know, saved Beth’s life or anyone else’s if someone just outright said it.


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