It’s Easter! I’m Finally Taking A Break… Sort Of…

OUCH!I’m finally taking a break after working for nearly two weeks… sigh. I’m still so sore and exhausted from work, so I’ll be taking it easy for a little bit. Haven’t really been able to even relax for one day. I have so much to do. Need to clean the inside of my car.

I have a bunch of ideas and plot outlines to write for the graphic novel. I’ve decided to add in a new, short story in the very beginning. As a sort of introduction, but it’s really just a fairy tale, a myth about some character. It’s been bugging me for awhile now. It was just today that I realized that I needed to add it in the graphic novel after having a conversation with some people, who I haven’t spoken to in a long time.

....Actually, we didn’t even speak that much due to certain beliefs. It was just awkward. They have their set of ways and I have mine, but they wouldn’t even hear my side of the story. I think it was pointless talking about gender issues or world issues in general with people, who believe racism, sexism, and discrimination are nothing but fairy-tales and fictitious mumbo-jumbo.

People like that make me realize that there’s so much ignorance still left in this world. Anyway, it doesn’t matter what their opinions are… I’m going to challenge some people’s way of thinking with this comic. Instead of preaching about it, I’ve decided to just do a story on it. Then, I’ll probably leave the preaching for the end or another issue.



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