Editing The Sequel: The Many Ups And Downs Of Life…


I haven’t had much success with editing the sequel… some things happened recently…


My computer got some kind of virus or malware and crashed, again.

Good Job!

Not like my hard drive burning up though, but luckily, this time I was able to save the files. I had saved the files the day before, and was able to reboot it in safe mode to get some other stuff.

A bit dizzy

Unfortunately, I lost all my saved bookmarks and favorite sites… so I’ll have to find the 100 something websites, again. Not to mention, I had to reload all my software. Again. 😐


The good news is… I was able to fix my computer and start all over again from scratch. It took me many many hours, but it’s back to normal and everything’s reset. I didn’t have to take it to Geek Squad. Thank goodness! They’d charge me so much money to repair it.

Time to relax!

Next month, in May, my vacation is coming up. I’ll have almost two weeks all to myself to do whatever I want. So, I may finish editing the sequel during that time. However, I’ll try to do some editing tomorrow and see if I can get that book proof with the illustrations sent early, so I can take one last look at it.

I’m still waiting for feedback on the two novels I sent out, but I haven’t heard much of anything lately. Beginning to wonder if I’ll get anything to tell you the truth. If I could, I’d wait it out some more, but I just can’t. It’s taken this long to finish and I don’t know if I’ll have the strength to continue the trilogy, once I start working on the graphic novel. I’d like to finish what I created nearly 12+ years ago, however, with so much going on, especially at my job… it’s kind of hard to focus on several projects at the same time.

I’ll save up as much money as I can this year and then, we’ll see if I’m ready to take another big risk and just write for a living. At least I’ve gotten a raise, which should help a little. I’m glad that I’ve been so lucky these past few months. I wasn’t feeling lucky the last two weeks though… too much stress and I was feeling sick all the time. 😦


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