To Wait For Feedback Or Not To Wait? A Huge Risk For Me!

Waiting Here...

I’m still waiting for feedback, even after I’ve extended the deadline…


Everyone’s so busy with their chaotic lives, I don’t know if I can wait anymore.

Report's gone..

I’m thinking I should just let them go… and do everything myself.

Waiting for email...One of my beta readers did say (he/she) would try to read as many chapters as they could on Monday, which is fine. But then, they’re working so much at their job, I feel bad having them read all day, especially on their days off. I appreciate their efforts and I’m still grateful they remembered. I told them if they couldn’t finish, that was all right too. However, they’re not even halfway through yet. I haven’t sent them any more chapters unfortunately.

Work!The second beta reader hasn’t even started, but I’m not going to blame it on them either. I completely understand. I’m on a time crunch! Just 2 weeks, I told them. The third beta reader was someone very close to me, but she’s so busy right now I don’t even know when she’ll finish it. 

Did I mention I was on a deadline? If I extended the deadline to a year would I even get a response back at all? Would they remember? Maybe some would. Others probably not. I’ve done it before and most people usually forget what they read by then. When this week’s up, I have a feeling I may still never have or get all the feedback I’m looking for. So, why make their lives (my beta readers) miserable and stress them out?

So I might just publish with little or hardly any feedback at all, which is another huge risk for me. Any editing mistakes I miss will be on my head and my head alone. So… is it worth it?


I dunno… if I don’t publish next week, I may never publish at all.


However, if I make too many horrible mistakes in this sequel, it may be the death of my career…  

black circles under my eyes...

Once my vacation is up and I return to work, I may not have the time nor the energy to go back and actually fix those mistakes in my sequel.

I surrender!

If it does become a huge problem (the errors), if worst comes to worst, I may have to put the book down and try again next year.


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