Part 1 is Complete. Now to Finish Part 2!

Working hard to kick that ball!Yesterday, I sat down and stayed up till 3 a.m. so I could finish Part One of the script for my graphic novel. It is officially 30 pages long! Short and sweet, and to the point.

LALALALALA!!!!!I’m just glad that’s over with! You guys have no idea how much I worked on it. I went back several times, editing what I could. It’s got a blend of satire, drama, sexual tension, and political intrigue. I’m hoping the characters will be interesting enough. At certain moments, I found myself crying and laughing… was it just me? Or do I some very emotional stuff here? We’ll see once it’s done. I’m seriously hoping that this will be it. Has it finally paid off––I don’t know. Now, all that’s left is to visually bring it to life and come up with a way to make words into pictures.


However, Part Two is giving me some trouble. Just coming up with a hook is the problem, even though I know it’s a continuation to the first one. I’ll try to do a little of it tonight and tomorrow. I’ll work on it all week, if I have to.


Lately, I had been feeling depressed for weeks and months, since I had been stuck. I hadn’t been able to start Part One––I don’t know why. Maybe I couldn’t make up my mind…

Hero Time!Finally, I was able to get over this huge obstacle and move on. All thanks to the power of music. Yaay!


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