Down To The Last Two…

Le SighJust two more days… actually a day and half left…

If I can make it till Sunday, then I can finally take it easy and focus on getting better. It’ll be a miracle if I make it.

OuchiesStill sniffling and sneezing. Gotta keep taking the medications.

Sweatdrop...I have only enough for a few days and that’s it. It’s all gone. I’ll have to get some more soon.

YawnMy biggest concern is sleep… last night I just kept waking up and I didn’t know why. So yeah, I’m still not following my doctor’s orders which is to get eight or so hours of sleep. Right now, it’s not happening. Some days I sleep and others not so much.

I’m weird like that. Anyway, some good news in all of this. My co-worker LALALALALA!!!!!bought the first book and is planning on buying the sequel. Yaay! I’m so happy. Second, I was able to give out some discount codes to some more of my friends at work. I’m hoping they’ll still be interested in reading the books, but at least they get a discount whenever they buy through Createspace. They can only use the discount code once. At least it never expires, so they have all the time in the world to decide.

In addition, I found out that someone has been reading more pages of my ebook through the kindle unlimited option. Which makes me very happy as well. I’m hoping they’ll read more and enjoy it. Anyhoo, we’ll see how everything goes tomorrow. I really want this week to end already. I’ll try to go to bed early and see what happens.

Sweet DreamsGoodnight folks!


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