Reason for Lockdown & Quotes About Haters


To those who were shocked that I closed my page temporally, I promise it won’t happen again.

All the world's a stage

It wasn’t you. It was me… actually it was somebody else. But let’s not get into the negative stuff right now, besides it’s a very long story.

Pole Dancing is Fun!To all my followers, I love you very much. I appreciate every day you continue reading my blog and journal entries. It really means a lot to me.

Too Cool For Words...Maybe? There were a couple of reasons why I closed my Author’s blog––it doesn’t matter, let’s try to move forward, shall we?

Hahahah!Here’s a few quotes to all the haters out there.


Haters & Doubters

Haters 2Haters 3Haters 4I love my hatersDefine Haterhaters 5

KindessNever Hatedon't worry wordsBob MarleyHater QuotesBe HappyCheckingkeep calm

Dear HatersHaters 2



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