TWD Recap & The NaNo Competition

So happy!

Last night’s episode of The Walking Dead was full of action and galore!

Hero Time!

Carol came in and saved Alexandria from The Wolves, and pretty much her quick thinking saved the whole town. I mean, a lot of innocent people still died, but it could’ve been a lot worse. She’s learned to adapt and disguise herself to whoever she needs to be.

She’s now my favorite character of all. That woman can bake you cookies and kill you in one sitting. She’s no pushover. She’s a tough cookie. Carol’s a warrior, a survivalist, and a homemaker all in one. I think Carol has changed the most by far and for the better. She’s the ultimate weapon. It was a good thing she was there to protect the armory.

What’s sad about the citizens of Alexandria is that they have an armory and not one person knows how to protect themselves or how to shoot. Even the guy at the tower, who’s supposed to be a sniper couldn’t even kill one cult member. Why is he even in that tower in the first place? Why not have someone who knows how to aim… like Sasha?

I really didn’t feel sorry for some of the citizens of Alexandria one bit. Especially, the first woman who was killed while she was taking a cigarette break. You’re right, Carol. Smoking does kill you, ’cause her back was turned the entire time she was getting hacked to death. If that lady spent more time taking care of herself or learning how to hear sounds.. or if she just took a class on “looking behind you and checking your surroundings” I’m sure she would’ve been alive today.

Woman, check your surroundings! You shouldn’t be taking a smoking break in the middle of a freaking Zombie Apocalypse! It’s a much quicker way to die, that’s for sure. Not to mention, she probably couldn’t run with lung disease either. Oh well. You win some, you lose some.


The only big disappointment tonight was there was no Michonne, Rick, Daryl, and the rest of the group. Morgan was the only one to show up in the entire episode. He was with Rick and the others… how’s it possible he ran that fast without sweating a bullet? I guess, Rick is still working on that Zombie Herd.

And Morgan… what a huge letdown. Morgan, Morgan, Morgan. You got there to the scene fast enough, but why oh why did you let them go? You can’t fight these people and just then let them go! Now, they’ll be coming back in full force and larger numbers… with guns this time!!

You can’t reason with people, who are in a cult and kill people for fun. Don’t you know that? They’re hacking up innocent people and ripping them limb from limb… and you let them go? What kind of foolishness is this? These guys are lower than zombies, lower than dirt. They actually know what they’re doing and they don’t even care! Carol won’t look at you now––did you see her neighbor getting hacked to death by a machete?

Or that other neighbor, who’s stomach was slashed right down the middle? That must’ve been painful too! What a horrible way to die! She died in Carol’s arms and you, Morgan, value the life of a psychotic killer, who loves to kill? No wonder Carol didn’t even have time to talk to you and Father Gabriel as you debate about saving this crazy man’s life, ’cause you guys are a bunch of peace-loving losers, who can’t fight back and deal with the final blow. Carol, a woman, did all the killing for you, you freaking cowards. I thought you men would step up to the plate and protect people. Father Gabriel, you just need to die already. I’m getting sick of your shit.

DIE!Why are you even talking to that crazy man? What do you hope to achieve, trying to reason with someone, who’s forehead is carved with a W in his flesh? The man was saying, “You shouldn’t be here!” Meaning he was going to kill you, without batting an eyelash. The Wolves kill women and children. They don’t care who you are or what you look like.

In this new Zombie world, it’s kill or be killed. If you can’t deal with that Morgan, you and Father Gabriel will probably die soon anyway, due to your pure heart and stupidity. Yes, value life… but you need to recognize that there’s true evil out there. Evil people in the world don’t care for the weak, the sick, the poor. You need to step up, Morgan, and become a hero. You need to realize Rick’s right. There’s no right and wrong––it’s about surviving and doing what you need to do, in order to survive. You need to kill, without remorse, ’cause this world has no morals, no ethics, no police, no government, no law and order. It’s about who’s the strongest. It’s really about who should live and die.

Morgan, you killed one dude… so next time, please kill all the others. Because if you won’t, they’ll be coming right back. Your choice in who should live is all messed up. And why did you have to tell the Wolf Leader and five of his other members that the town has guns? Really?! That was the dumbest and biggest mistake ever––telling the enemy you got better weapons and an armory.

Yeah, that’s right… show them who’s boss by giving them directions on where to find this armory, so next time when they come back, you’ll lead them right to it. Great thinking, Morgan! Just keep giving them more wonderful ideas. So, they’ll get it right this time and kill everyone with guns. Gee whiz! I can’t wait for that episode!

Those thugs shouldn’t be allowed to live. People like Carol, who protect the weak, know there’s really no other way with negotiating with terrorists. Yes, the Wolves are just like terrorists, because they believe what they’re doing is right. Killing innocent people in their mind is justified in their fucked-up, religious cult. Morgan, just do us all a favor and put a bullet in their fucking head please.

You’ll have to live with those choices… the consequences will haunt you for the rest of your life. I have no sympathy for you, until you can redeem yourself. Carol did all the work––she was her own army. You didn’t even help. Not in the slightest bit. You made things a lot worse, Morgan. Now, the Wolves will be plotting their revenge.


Thanks… thanks a lot, Morgan, for fucking up. Good times! 😐

Working hard to kick that ball!Alright, so moving along. I’ll be doing the writing competition, NaNo next month. Hopefully, I’ll be able to finish the third book of NR. Looking forward to that and finally getting some work done. Now that I’m feeling a lot better, I’ll probably get some more stuff accomplished.

I’m hoping this week to go over the graphic novel script and work out a few bugs. I’m still on the fence about some issues, but I may just need some more time to think about it. The holidays are fast approaching. I may also be looking at another job as well, maybe a seasonal one. However, I still have one more Doctor’s appointment next month, so we’ll see how it goes. Wishing myself and the other writers the best of luck next month! Looking forward to this event and going outside for once.

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