Is This Really The End… For Glen?

Please, don’t be dead Glen. Stay alive in the next episode!


If Glen is really dead, then why did he have to die? He was like the sweetest guy ever.

Crying..Glen has been in TWD since the very beginning. He was the only one to talk to Rick at the end of the first episode. In the second episode, he saves Rick from a horde of zombies. Glen was always so down to earth and always caring and looking out for others. But he was also a survivor too, always running and kept his wits about him. He changed for the better and became a hero in my eyes. Even though he started off as a nerdy kid, he grew up and started to develop into a strong character.

Nicholas, you’re such a coward! Glen should’ve never given you a second FU!chance. Here, I’m thinking Nicholas would redeem himself. Boy, was I stupid. Maybe Rick was right all along. Maybe it’s better off to kill off the weak ones, seeing as Nicholas eventually took the easy way out and shot himself in the head. He fell on Glen and resulted in his death. And man, was Glen’s death brutal to watch.

Being eaten alive by a herd of zombies, getting ripped to pieces and seeing your insides on the outside. Glen didn’t deserve to die like that. Now Maggie… once she finds out about what happened to Glen is going to lose her shit. She lost her father, her sister, and now her husband.

And Morgan, if you had killed the Wolves in the first place, they wouldn’t have attacked Rick. Any good deeds in Zombieland don’t get rewarded here––all it does is come back to bite your ass. So, I hate you too, Morgan. You’re also to blame for this. Poor Rick. He can’t catch a break. Looks like he injured his arm. Will it get infected? Will he have to cut it off? Now, he’s surrounded by zombies, trapped in an RV. Not one of your best days, is it Rick? But then again, when was your off day?

NosebleedFor a second there, when the group was trapped in the Pet Store, I thought Michonne and that new guy were going to kiss. Or was that just me? I could be overlooking it, but that scene made me uncomfortable. I dunno why their faces were so darn close to each other… I understand you’re whispering, but just don’t be breathing down Michonne’s neck. Yes, we all know she’s a fine samurai warrior, but she’s not interested in you.

I don’t know why I had that feeling… he was a little too close for comfort. Sorry, but I don’t see this new guy as a good addition to the team. He’s just blah. I don’t know his history and I don’t really care, but he looks weak to me. I’m glad they didn’t kiss, ’cause I’d slap them so hard. This isn’t the time or the place to have a love interest. I mean, once you do, you’re pretty much screwed. Marriages and relationships don’t last long in Zombieland, when the next day could be your last.

I’m glad Michonne gave him a piece of her mind though. Slap some sense into him. Tell that Alexandria guy that he doesn’t know shit about the real world, and he’s never seen his friends and family eaten alive in front of him. Michonne and Rick know the truth out there in Zombieland. These Alexandrias don’t know anything and I could care less if they all died. When you get bitten, that’s it. You’re better off getting shot in the head. Remember, there’s no cure. They’re all infected by the virus.

Here lies a Good Man...

I’m so depressed now.

If anymore of my favorite characters kick the bucket… if Michonne, Carol, or Daryl die in the later DIE!episodes, I will not be watching the Walking Dead show. I just can’t. I’m so invested in these characters––to see them die horrifically would break my heart. It’s not what I call the highlight of my day. I want to see them all live in the end.

Stop bringing in new characters I could care less about. Michonne was the exception to the rule, but other than that… just stop. Now, it feels like the writers are killing people more for shock value rather than just telling a story. Who’s going to die next episode? Can this be the last season? Please…


2 thoughts on “Is This Really The End… For Glen?

    • Yeah, I hope you’re right. I’d hate to see Glen eaten by zombies or a zombie himself. I’m hoping we’ll see more of him though. 😀

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