Three Episodes Left: TWD Recap… Are You Kidding Me?!

I knew it!

I'm dead

 I knew they wouldn’t tell us what happened to Glenn in last night’s episode…

scratching my head...

What is going on with these last two episodes? The beginning of this season started of great with lots of action and suspense. Now, nothing is making any sense anymore. Rick and Jesse’s relationship doesn’t feel right. It seems rushed. The only thing that shocked me more was when Tara got kissed by that one girl, who’s learning how to be a doctor.

But I still don’t understand where the rest of the group is? Where the hell is Father Gabriel? We hardly see Michonne and Carol. Where is everybody? Half the cast is missing. Are they still on vacation or something? This show was a little disappointing for a couple of reasons. It was a little better than the Morgan episode, but I feel like everything, including the action… just came to a sudden halt. I have a few questions…


How the heck did Rick escape the zombies that surrounded the trailer?


Why didn’t the writers or director not want to show how Rick escaped? Am I supposed to believe he ran all that way to Alexandria. Not to mention, didn’t his hand get cut? Did it just magically heal up on its own too?

I’m getting a bit fed up with how the most action-packed scene where Rick is surrounded by an army of the undead is wrapped up in five minutes or less. Rick just makes it to the gate. No explanations. No flashbacks of how he got away or how he somehow got around the zombies.

Yes, I know the zombies are slow and anyone in good health can always outrun them… but seeing Rick sweating, injured, and on the edge of pure exhaustion, after beating up those Wolves––I’d think he’d find himself in a bit of a pickle, don’t you? I mean, he was on the verge of death. He was this close to getting killed himself.

I think AMC dropped the ball in this episode. There were so many possibilities they could’ve gone with this episode… it feels like it was a wasted opportunity to build up the suspense after two weeks of waiting. Not even Morgan was in this episode that much. We get a brief glimpse of him for like five seconds and that’s it. Why is no one talking about the bigger picture here? And why is Rick (of all people) suggesting that they all sit it out and wait. Are you kidding me?

There’s not another vehicle or some sort of distraction you could make to draw the zombies away? Why are you waiting for the others to come back? I just don’t understand. Isn’t Glenn part of Rick’s family? All this talk about family and taking care of one another just goes out the door the next minute. And Rick, could you do less monologues. I think everyone in Alexandria gets the point now. Yes, yes. If we don’t fight, we die. All right, we got it for the ten millionth time! 😐 Stop repeating yourself, Rick.

And why are you teaching that young boy how to use a gun? Don’t you remember you killed that kid’s father, Rick? You think that boy’s going to forgive you that easily? He’s probably going to kill Carl or you with that gun after you teach him how to use it properly. Do you not know about revenge, Rick? Well, you’re about to find out. You’ll get what you deserve!

By the way, who was that woman who slit her wrists inside that house? The one Jesse stabbed in the eye? I didn’t even know much about the character nor do I care, but we didn’t get any answers about who the heck she was. Maybe someone could’ve said something like (…and I eventually read this in an article) “Oh, it’s the wife of that husband, who Michonne promised to bring back to Alexandria, but then he got stuck on the gate and died.” Was there not enough time in the day to have someone say that?

Overall, this episode was a bit of a disappointment. I feel bad for Maggie, being pregnant and not being able to know if Glenn is alive or not. However, despite that a lot of people voted on The Talking Dead that Maggie shouldn’t have gone outside––if that was my husband, I’d still go out looking for him. I don’t care what anyone says! Did you not remember what happened to Beth, Maggie? Did you forget that you didn’t go talking nor searching for Beth and that is how she died, because you just took your sweet time doing nothing? Daryl was the only one looking, ya know.  Angry as Hell

In my opinion, Maggie not going out for her husband just made it worse. I thought you were a strong woman. Take Michonne with you! You do know she’s like the Third Best Warrior Fighter, right up there with Daryl, who’s Second Best…right?  Or maybe get a hold of Carol, because that woman is #1 Warrior/Survivalist of the Freaking World! Geez, how hard could it be to round up a search party with these two?! I rest my case. 😐


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