TWD Recap: He’s Alive!

So happy!

Glenn’s alive! I knew he’d make it.


So AMC… what took you so long to reveal the big secret about Glenn’s fate? We had to wait almost two-three weeks. Now, that’s just ridiculous.

scratching my head...

I’m still kind of confused about why Father Gabriel is still alive or what his main purpose is on this show, seeing as he only makes barely one appearance in a full moon episode. I’m glad that Carol has a watchful eye on Morgan and ratted him out to Rick. Morgan, you need to realize soon what the others are saying about evil people, like the Wolves.

It’s about time they had this conversation with Morgan, but I doubt that he’ll ever change. He really shouldn’t be in Alexandria, if he’s going to keep doing stupid things like that. And I knew that kid was going to try and kill Carl. He was up to no good from the gecko––the only reason why he wanted to learn how to shoot a gun was to get revenge on Rick, for killing his father. I guess the rotten apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree, now does it?

Anyway, this episode was a little bit better, but I don’t understand why Glenn forced that girl to come with him. If she wants to live alone, that’s really her choice. Although, it’ll be tough for her to survive with just herself and no one to watch her back, it’s still her decision to make. If she wants to leave, let her leave, especially since she was holding a gun to your face Glenn. Oh well, I’ll forgive him on that. Glenn is the sweetest person at heart, and seems to care about everyone but himself, which is rare these days.

Near the ending, things look really bad for Alexandria, now that the church collapsed over the wall. Who didn’t see that coming? I mean, why didn’t Rick and the others try to lure the zombies away? Why wait to catch your breath? Just like Michonne said. Why didn’t you listen to her Rick? She knows a lot more than you do apparently.

If I had a choice I’d vote Michonne for president, or at least the leader of the group. Rick dropped the ball on this one big time. Can’t wait for the next episode.


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