The Walking Dead Show Needs To Wrap It Up!

YawnFolks, this was me during yesterday’s episode of The Walking Dead. Been there, done that. I’ve never been so bored in my life. This was a huge disappointment for me.

Yes, the church fell over and there were zombies everywhere. We were waiting for this moment to happen, this big episode before the last finale… and they just didn’t deliver it. We get some lame fighting scenes with Morgan and Carol.

I don’t understand how Carol could be so easily defeated. Where is your gun woman? Not to mention, Morgan is the stupidest person ever.  I hate you, Morgan. I used to love you before, but seriously…you are too stupid. How are you still alive? Trying to save the life of a guy, who clearly doesn’t care about how precious life is… and now he ends up taking one of the Alexandrians with him as a hostage. Great job!

I didn’t really care much about Deanna…am I even spelling her name right? And why is Father Gabriel still alive? He should’ve been killed off instead, a long long time ago. I’d like to see him die. 😐 No, I mean it. Give him the worst death ever!

And why is that boy still alive after trying to kill Carl? In fact, why is Morgan still there in Alexandria? After the stunt he pulled off before with the Wolves, and Michonne and Rick talking to him at that meeting, Morgan should’ve been kicked out of town from the gecko. Period. No questions asked.


Rick should’ve been like, “I’m thankful about what you did for me in the past, but I’m sorry… this relationship is just not gonna work out.”

And then, walk Morgan to the gate and KICK HIM OUT! It’s as simple as that. You guys are making it way too complicated.

I'm hit!

But for some reason, during this episode, I didn’t feel any tension at all for any of the characters. After building up on so much for Glenn’s fake death, this is what we get? I’m not really looking forward to next week’s episode at all. Now, we have another Wannabe Governor. I’ll just be rolling my eyes during the whole thing.

AMC, what are you doing? You took a good show and you’re milking it for all it’s worth. Not a good idea. And no one cares about Badlands either. It’s like the worst show ever with a bunch of other cliches from every other popular movie I’ve seen. I couldn’t even get through one episode of it, because that’s how bad it is. Geez, sexist much?

I love the Asian actor in it, since he’s been in a lot of films (even Blade), but could you maybe have boys and girls both training to be assassins? It seemed like the only reason for girls to be there is to look pretty, look pretty while fighting, and then have sex. It would’ve been nice if the Chosen Boy happened to be a Chosen Girl instead. Now, that would’ve been interesting.

Anyway… AMC, what is going on with the writers and writing of this show? This season has been the weakest ever that I’ve watched so far. As you can see from the funny gif image at the top, they need to end this show quickly, before it gets any worse. Because I may not be watching any more of it…



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