Keeping Very Busy For The Holidays

Working hard to kick that ball!

I’ve been working hard at my new job almost everyday.


Next week will be very busy for me, due to the holidays. But I’ll be making good pay, because I need it.

I got another hospital bill (my 4th one this month) and I’m like…

A bit dizzy

Seriously, if I didn’t have health insurance I’d be spending $3,000 bucks already.


But it’s still outrageous though, the fees and costs…I need a better health insurance that doesn’t force me to be broke all the time. Next month, I’m switching. Pronto!


For my new job, there’s just so much I have to learn and study for. A lot of thinking involved… unlike my last job. Don’t get me wrong, thinking is great. Some of the things aren’t too bad and then there’s other stuff that I’m like “I have no idea what I’m doing!”

Sweatdrop...There’s just a lot of math involved, and I’m not usually that great at math to begin with. Even when I was younger, I never really liked it. I could do it, but I didn’t enjoy it much not like writing and art. I need to practice and get my skills up, because I haven’t used much mathematics, since my old college days.

I know how to budget my money and everything, but this is something completely different. It deals more with time and decimals more than anything. I’m awful at time management. I’m the biggest procrastinator ever! Oh and last two weeks, I had zero dollars in my checking account. All thanks to my horrible health insurance, who doesn’t give me any notice whatsoever.

Luckily, that same day I got my first paycheck from my new job and I was able to put in some money into the account. That was the first time I’ve ever had any overdraft in my entire life! I always make sure there’s enough money in my bank account, but my health insurance has taken money from my account 3-4 times this month, which is very unusual, without any warning.

My job offers great benefits, so I’ll be signing up for those real soon. After Christmas and New Year’s Day, I’ll be taking classes in January… hopefully. Don’t know if I’ll still be moving upstate for school or not. They haven’t told me what I’ll be doing exactly. If I have to move, I have to move. I’ve got no choice but to move on up. If they’re willing to pay for everything, then why not take that chance?

I haven’t done much writing lately, due to all the studying and trying to keep up with everything. My parents are very happy for me and tell me this is the best gift ever. This job means everything for me. I just don’t want to let them down.

I did do a little editing for Nightmarish Reaction, but not much. I’ve posted some brief teaser chapters on DA; however, they’re so riddled with errors and not detailed enough, I haven’t been able to go back and edit them. I didn’t put any spoilers on there… it was tough just putting them on the site and leaving them up. I may end up taking them down and doing a major overhaul.

Nicoy is still doing drawings for me for my graphic novel and they’re just amazing. She’s done an excellent job with each one and I’m so happy to see all the illustrations. They’re all so detailed and colorful. I’m hoping my health insurance stops taking out money from my account, ’cause it’s getting on my nerves. I’m so glad I paid off all my credit card bills. I only have one and that’s it. See, I do know how to budget my money. ^_^

If I don’t see you guys during the week, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I'm Elvis!


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