Trouble From The Copyright Office – Part 2

This is probably the worst experience I’ve ever had dealing with The Copyright Office. Three years ago, I copyrighted my first novel, Nightmarish Reality. I had no problems downloading it onto the site, where they give you an option to upload files into their system. Within less than a year, I was able to get a certificate validating my copyright registration.

Now, after three years, they jack up the price of the fee from $34 dollars to $55 dollars, without any notice. The person who emailed me, her name was Heather, and she told me that they still need a hard copy of my file. They need two copies. But get this… they have the option to upload files into their system; however, they cannot open the files and view anything themselves. Then, what is the point of uploading files, if you still need a hard copy no matter what?

Angry as hell!

So, I ask this question. WHY DO YOU HAVE IT? A SYSTEM THAT DOESN’T WORK? None of it makes any sense. Why offer that option, if people have to still deliver a package to the Copyright Office with their 356 page manuscript? You either pick one or the other. If one doesn’t work, then why won’t you change it?! If you cannot read files that people uploaded onto your site, then why deceive people and say it’ll take 6 to 8 months if they send it to you electronically, compared to a physical snail mail copy and having people wait a whole Goddamn year.

Does any of this make any freaking sense?


Not only that, but I have a limited time to respond to my case. If I do not respond soon enough or if I don’t follow their instructions carefully, I will have to register my sequel again…they will not refund me the $55 dollars. Do you see where I’m going with this? It’s two days before Christmas and the Copyright Office has to bring up this shit. Seriously?!

So… do you know what I did today…


I went to a UPS store and printed out 356 pages of my manuscript, which costs $75 bucks. In total, I spent $154.88 for Express Delivery. My manuscript should get to Washington by tomorrow. Yeah, that’s how pissed off I am. Not only that, but they had specific instructions on the packaging. None of the packages or containers they had at the store even matched their descriptions. 12 x 14 x 4. Are you fucking kidding me? I’m hoping and praying that whoever works at the Copyright Office better accept my manuscript, because I’m getting too old for this crap.

I would hate to wait another 6 months to a year just to get a one page letter that says I have a copyright registration. Is this a joke? What happened three years ago? Did they fire everyone for the holidays? Does only one person work in the Copyright Office now? Why is it so hard to file a copyright registration? This is the most ridiculous and the most stupidest thing I’ve ever heard!

This better be the last of it, ’cause I do not want to spend the whole month trying to fix this issue. Just file the damn book and send me my registration papers. It’s one page. I have the letter of my first novel. It’s just ONE PAGE PEOPLE and it’s a few words and some number, and that’s it. 😐 I’ll be in my room, trying to blow off some steam.

I'm dead


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