Happy New Year’s Day!

Happy Dance!

I will be celebrating the New Year with my family and friends…

Dance Until You Drop!

And nothing is going to stop me.

Finally done!

I still can’t believe that 2015 is coming to an end. Wow!

Everyone’s talking about their New Year’s Resolutions, but you know what’s funny… is some of my goals have already come true. Only a few more left to go and I’ll be all set. Then, I can die happy.



  1. Find a real job and career that’s actually worth doing  (DONE!)
  2. Get better health insurance (DONE!)
  3. Pay off my bills. Again. (Almost there!)
  4. Get a one page certificate that says Nightmarish Revelations is finally copyrighted. (Library of Congress and Copyright Office are both still working on it…)
  5. Finish Nightmarish Reaction and publish it next year. (I haven’t even started editing it…)
  6. Finish Flash Renegade: The Graphic Novel (10 character sheets are done, about 20 or more to go. Then, maybe we’ll be ready and start sketches on those pages…)
  7. Build my own film company. (It’s getting there…)
  8. Become a film director. (After I finish the above)

Anyway, that’s my list.

You can do it!

I wish everyone a Happy New Year’s and hope that all your resolutions come true.


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