The Graphic Novel: Already Designing T-shirts



…since I had nothing to do, I figured I might as well do something constructive with my life.

So happy!

I’ve got nine T-shirts with each of the characters from the graphic novel and let me just say they’re all so beautiful. All thanks to the lovely and talented Nicoy. I might just buy them all!

I went to and I love it already! It was recommended by Nicoy, because they have a lot of gifts/items to choose from. It’s so easy to set up an account and start making T-shirts. It’s incredible. Both the OfficeMax and Staples store websites are a pain to deal with; they’re both extremely slow and have very limited features/choices. OfficeMax seriously needs to update their site. It is so outdated, it’s not even funny anymore. Staples was just okay; however, I couldn’t enlarge any of my pictures and they have very limited selections.

So here are the colors I have for women’s style, regular T-shirts: blue, green, pink, black, black/grey, light blue, red, and purple. I haven’t done any designs for the men’s section as of yet. Each character represents a different color and I have placed them on the front of all the shirts. Nicoy had designed a logo for me, and I placed it on the back of all the T-shirts, including the title of the graphic novel: Flash Renegade. The names of the characters are also on the front, alongside their image. That’ll give me some extra advertising, if I ever decide to wear one on the street or at the mall.

When the time comes, I’ll show you guys each of the T-shirt designs and post up a link on where you can buy them. But that won’t be until after the graphic novel is officially published. I’ll be designing a few more items, such as posters, mugs, and business cards. I was thinking of designing a clock, but we’ll see how that goes.

LALALALALA!!!!!I’m so excited!


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