The Walking Dead: It’s About Bloody Time They Hooked Up!



It’s about time Rick.


Seriously, what took you and Michonne so long man?

So happy!

This is probably my second favorite episode right next to last week’s show. As I said in my previous post last Sunday… Rick should really fall in love with Michonne. And guess what, folks? It finally happened. And it was splendid!

It was the best sex scene ever! Okay okay, it wasn’t that pornographic. Just them holding hands, kissing, laughing, and a partially nude scene, but it was still fucking amazing. Did I mention I’m not big into romance on any of the other characters, but these two Lovelyjust had to hook up! I don’t care what anyone thinks. Rick and Michonne are ten times better together than Maggie and Glen. You got that right!

Of course, the intro for this episode was rather dull no matter how many times you sliced it. It wasn’t that compelling that they, Daryl and Rick, were going outside for supplies. Daryl even had a little talk with that one lesbian girl, I can’t remember her name to save my own life, but she wanted him to get her a soda…

I noticed something was off from the gecko when Michonne came into the living room wearing just a bathrobe and a towel over her head—I was thinking she’d taken a 4 hour bath after killing an entire zombie army, but no… that wasn’t the case. I don’t know how much time has passed since Alexandria was overrun with zombies (maybe months now?), but this huge time gap is a bit weird with the pacing and all. To me, it’s just strange that there’s no blood whatsoever or any more corpses on the streets of the town.

Not to mention, how’d they fix the wall so fast all of a sudden. Didn’t that church collapse and damage a lot of it? And Carl is healed, wearing an eye patch, and he’s moving about like it’s no big deal he just lost an eye. He’s taking it a little too well. I’d be a bit depressed if I were him. You only got one eye, kid. Use it well kiddo, because you don’t have depth of field (or perception) anymore, which really sucks. It would’ve been more believable to me if there were a few more dead bodies around and the streets were still not as clean.

Out of desperation and utter frustration, Rick, who not only lost his blonde girlfriend (because she and her sons were stupid) and having nearly lost his son, Carl…it would’ve made more sense to me if he’d have a heart to heart conversation with Michonne, seeing as she’s been with him through everything. Michonne’s been there since the beginning. I dunno… maybe that would’ve been too melodramatic. But then again, it would’ve been a lot more intense compared to watching and shaking my head after Rick and Daryl screw up a run. This was probably the most predictable episode ever. Did you two not see this coming?

You guys go looking for supplies and then come home with nothing, after losing an entire truck full of food to a guy named Jesus. Why in the hell did you guys stop to pick up a soda? Was it worth it? Why couldn’t Daryl drive the second vehicle when they found the truck at the farm house? He can drive a motorcycle quite well, I think he can handle a car just fine, don’t you think? The majority of this episode was pure unfunny comedy. Both of these characters are making the stupidest choices I have ever seen. I mean, Rick you’ve seen it all and you’ve living in a Zombie Apocalypse, couldn’t you shoot the dude first and then ask questions later? The guy’s named Jesus–ooh, irony!  Rick and Daryl are getting rather stupid; their choices should’ve been the opposite, since they’re well seasoned survivalists!

Oh yeah, and Deanna’s son goes and leaves the comforts of home. Michonne notices him carrying a shovel and follows him into the woods. Come on, people! Has anything good come out of going for a stroll in the woods? Carl goes out with that one girl, once again, in the woods. Just convenient timing to spot Michonne and Deanna’s son. Then, we see Deanna herself in zombie form, and then Carl draws out the dead Deanna to him, out of the goodness of his heart. He tells the girl (the one he’s been camping out with) to leave. Yeah, and long story short, Deanna’s son puts zombie Deanna out of her misery. He talks to Michonne as they bury Deanna into the ground while Michonne carves a D on a tree to mark the grave. Blah blah blah.

Nothing eventful afterwards. Daryl and Rick decide it’s a good idea to bring this guy, Jesus, to the camp, even though it was really his fault for stealing the truck full of supplies in the first place and making them run 100 miles. Not to mention, it was his fault for that truck reversing into a lake and then sinking afterwards. The only reason they keep Jesus alive is because he saved Daryl’s life, by shooting a zombie behind him. 😐 What the hell? Are you serious?

I’m sorry, but after risking everything and returning home empty handed, I still would’ve shot Jesus in the head and walked away. Are you freaking kidding me? He’s not reliable. He’s a very suspicious character, a thief, who almost got you both killed… Let’s just say this Jesus is not someone I’d bring home to meet the family. And I was exactly right, because guess what? He gets away somehow! Can we say DUH?

Anyway, the ending was well worth it. We get to see Rick and Michonne finally show their true love for each other. Thank you, Jesus!

Angry as hell!

Rick, you better not get Michonne killed so help me God… I’ll kick your ass!

Going To Kill SomeoneAMC, you better not kill off my Michonne or else I’ll stop watching the damn show altogether.


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