A Walking Dead Recap and Progress On My Graphic Novel…

Okay, so let’s start off with the Walking Dead first.

Positive Thinking!

I have much to say about last night’s episode.


At first, I thought I would be disappointed with how Carol and Maggie would handle their situation. I did not want to see them get tortured or be held captive by Negan’s group. Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that Carol is still the baddest girl in town. She’s still #1 in my book, right next to Michonne! There were a few slip-ups, but of course, she’s human. I’ll forgive her.

Carol did tell the damn woman (forgot her name) to leave and run away, but did that woman listen to her? Hell no! She had it coming to her one way or another. Her death was pretty brutal too. I understand that Carol doesn’t want to kill anymore––she’s getting fed up with the guilt. Same with Maggie when she broke down crying after Glen and the others found them.

I didn’t think Maggie would stay calm during this whole ordeal, and yet she proved me wrong, until the end. Both Carol and Maggie are both an excellent team. They worked together perfectly. I didn’t like any of the new characters to tell you the truth, especially the bad ones. So I didn’t feel sorry for them when Maggie and Carol kicked their butts, putting the baddies all out of their misery. This show is truly about strong female characters. Totally opposite from the graphic novel.

I seriously hate the graphic novel of TWD, especially how it treats women in general. It’s quite sad I will never buy any of the books, since I know how Michonne (my favorite, plus the strongest character in the book) is raped not once, but twice by the Governor. It just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Why does every women’s backstory or entire plot have to deal with rape, huh? Are writers just running out of ideas? Is there nothing else to discuss, besides rape culture?

If Rick (the male hero) had been raped several times by the Governor, instead of Michonne, would that ruin his reputation of being a real man? Rape is horrible either way, regardless of the person’s gender. But would that make Rick a more compelling or interesting character? Hmm…. I wonder…

Feeling Uncomfortable...

Anyway, I digress.

I’ve finally re-read the graphic novel (after many weeks or months of avoiding it) and once again, I’ve decided to actually revise a couple more scenes. This time I will actually change some things, mostly for clarity, grammar, and so on. I had initially thought about doing some tweaking before (many times), but didn’t want to change everything too much and ruin the original content. It’s still very good and quite hilarious.

Due to the character profiles Nicoy has drawn for me, I’ve had to make a few adjustments, describing more of the characters themselves. Before, some characters were just considered basic set pieces. Now, I’ve decided to add a little detail here and there to flesh them out properly.

Something happened yesterday and I suddenly had new experimental ideas for the script. I don’t know if they’ll work or not, but Nicoy and I are going to do a lot of quick sketches in the beginning. I may in fact add in some interesting little snippets or side stories or quests. It’s not much, but it may change the length of the script itself. I’m eager to get this project started and it seems to be progressing nicely. 😀

Hmm...let's see now

With new ideas comes a lot of possibilities.

It will be funny, I guarantee it!


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