Revising The Graphic Novel and A Recap of TWD.


The Walking Dead is down to two episodes left and I’m just scratching my head, wondering what the hell is going on.

Question Mark

Seriously, I don’t even remember exactly what happened yesterday. I only recall the last 20 minutes of the show.

scratching my head...

Last night’s episode didn’t make any sense to me whatsoever. Carol leaves Alexandria and doesn’t tell anyone where she’s going? WTH? I don’t understand. It was never explained to us why she just suddenly got up and left in a hurry. Why is she having a nervous breakdown now? Carol’s been through so much already and we haven’t even gotten to Negan yet. The timing is just really off here. How long has it been? Weeks? Months?

Denise dies. I couldn’t care less. Who was she, again? Oh, the lesbian girl from before. Oh boy… Wasn’t she a nurse or something? Why should we care? It wasn’t like we saw much of her or really got to know her as a person in this episode. All I know is she wants orange soda for her girlfriend. She wasn’t a compelling character either. Just kinda there for some purpose of the plot.

I was more surprised that they didn’t let her finish her ten minute speech. You could’ve let her kick the bucket afterwards. It wouldn’t kill you to hear what she was saying. That would’ve been funny actually. I wasn’t really listening to her speech, because I had no idea what she was talking about in the first place. I have a five minute memory span, like that of a goldfish. I’m sorry Denise, you will not be missed. 😐

And then Eugene goes off on his own, like an idiot. Then, some group ambushes Rosita and Daryl. Who are these people? I don’t even remember who the guy with the burnt face was supposed to be. Was that the guy, who took Daryl’s crossbow? How’d his face get burned off again? This episode felt rather dull for some reason. I didn’t comprehend much of any of it and the pacing was horrible. Who did the editing? Certain scenes felt choppy and a bit unnecessary. Where’s Negan? Can he like please show up now or something? I’m getting so bored here.

Oh, my god and then there’s Sasha…inviting Abraham over to her house. For what? For dinner? Are you kidding me? It wasn’t even night yet. Really? Can we please go back to Rick and Michonne now? Can we get a love scene with characters we can’t get enough of, instead of characters that are just not into each other? Sasha and Abraham are just ‘meh’ together. They really aren’t good for one another, I don’t care how you spin it. Abraham is a cheater, who needs to die alone. End of Story.

I mean, Rosita really loved him and he just broke her heart. He couldn’t even explain why––he had the worst line ever when it came to their break-up, which meant absolutely nothing. How does saying, “I thought you were the only girl left in the world, until I met someone else” a good explanation? I don’t get it. Abraham, you’re so pathetic. I hope you die soon. A quick death is too good for you. 

Cool Shades

Anyway… moving right along.

I’ve been revising/editing the graphic novel so many times, I’ve completely lost count. I think this might be the last of it. Making sure the grammar and sentences flow correctly isn’t as easy as it looks. I did add in a few more dialogue in certain sections and it’s slowly starting to come together. It’s still controversial. Nothing new there. But now, I’m actually thinking this is not something I’d read to a family member or recommend to anyone, who’s easily offended. Although, I’m still not technically done, I still have a few short scripts to work on. It’ll be interesting what I come up with.

Nicoy is still working on a few more drawings and I’m very happy with what she’s done so far. Next month starting April, I’ll be doing Camp Nano for Nightmarish Reaction. Yaay! I’m excited and nervous all at the same time. I’ll probably still be working on the graphic novel as well and looking at rough page sketches, depending on how things go. It’ll be hard balancing two different projects, but I think I can do it.

I don’t know when I’ll start looking for a job, but probably soon though. Going online and applying hasn’t been easy for me. Starting over again is extremely hard. I don’t know where I should start applying. But I won’t give up so easily. I’ll continue my search and maybe I’ll find something part-time and not so stressful. I may end up in retail again, but that’s all right. At least it’ll be better than what I was doing before, and once again, I’ll try to save up what little money I have for all my projects.

Pole Dancing is Fun!

Wish me good luck, folks! And have a wonderful day.


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