Abandoned Websites Left Unused… What To Do With Them?


I have three websites that are just sitting there not being used…

  • I LOVE TO DIRECT (a film site) – has 24 posts
  • THE LEGENDARY GIRL (fantasy site) – has 16 posts
  • FLASH RENEGADE (maybe I’ll open this one for the graphic novel someday…?)

All the world's a stageI don’t know if I should just let them out to run wild and free. Should they even be open to the public? Especially since I have nothing else going on. Next month will be Nano and I’ll be preparing my third volume of Nightmarish Reality. So, it would be a waste of my time to have three sites up and never use them.

I still have no idea if I’ll be able to update them everyday. I prefer my primary site, since it has my name on there: it’s more relevant to my life and book series. It was the first one I started when I was in the process of publishing Nightmarish Reality and I have about 19 pages with 500 posts. Technically, it’s the most popular blog out of all four blogs I have on WordPress, including more popular than Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and DA.

I have no idea what I’m going to do with the remaining 3 sites. I could just delete them all and save my sanity and my energy. Eh…I don’t want to get rid of them as of yet, seeing how much time and effort I put into designing and setting them up. I’d like to have the site for Flash Renegade setup early; however, I know it wouldn’t be wise to post chapters or even images. I feel it’s way too soon for that. Seeing as it’s in the developmental stages, I fear someone would just steal the ideas and the images for themselves, claiming it as their own.

That has happened before. Many times when I used to write fanfiction someone was always ripping off my ideas. Ideas cannot be copyrighted by the way. But it doesn’t mean you’ll be safe from plagiarism either. I’ll leave the sites private for now, until I can figure out what I really want to do with them. If I wasn’t so paranoid I’d probably do it, but I love my characters/stories too much to take that risk, because I know there’s people out there, who are looking for the next big thing, always desperate for ideas.

Maybe when I’m near publishing day, I’ll release some of the scenes and chapters as a teaser. Who knows?

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