Camp Nano Starts in 1 Day! That Means Less Time On The Internet…


You read that right, folks.

ContemplatingNot only does Camp Nano start in one more day, but I’ll spend more of my time on revising/editing my novel and less time on the Internet. I’ll still do a post on my progress now and then, maybe update my word count meter, but I won’t be hanging out much in writer’s chatrooms, forums, or surfing the Web like I used to.

I think I’m too interconnected with the Internet. Take it as you see fit. You can see that as good or bad, either way. Clicking on depressing news articles and skimming through people’s blogs has gotten so bad, I’ve kind of lost touch with the real world in a sense. I’m just not there anymore and I’ve got so many things on my mind that I can’t even focus properly.

Initially, it was a good way to escape from my life, seeing as I have no job anymore. Not to mention, the Internet at my house is always crashing. It’s gotten to the point where I won’t get much done, especially if it keeps kicking me out every 5-10 minutes . I’m constantly checking my emails and the majority of the time, it’s just spam or some 10% coupon to buy more stuff. Hardly anyone text messages me, which is good ’cause I don’t usually have anything important to say anyway. LOL xD Not even my sister text message me… well, that’s not true. She did once (last week or so) when she got very very sick. I sent her some pictures of vitamins and supplements she should take to get over a cold, and that was pretty much it.


Back to the topic… I hate wasting my time doing absolutely nothing though, even if I do enjoy watching movies and viewing a bunch of funny videos online. Although it’s good for me now, since I don’t have much going on at the moment… I’m going to try to do something with my life and finish a project or two. I hate being bored and I’m the type that likes to keep busy all the time. I do exercise, so I might do some of that today. It rains practically everyday now, so I do all my exercising inside. It doesn’t help whenever I experience writer’s block as well… I’ll have to find a way to move on.

What I’ll probably do to ween myself off the Internet slowly is after I finish writing/revising a chapter for the day, I’ll probably go online in the night to check mail and check on friends, etc etc.

I won’t be completely disconnected, because that would be impossible to do. I’m working on a graphic novel and the only way to contact my artist is through online or social media. I’m also working on the website for that, which is almost done. At least you guys will know for a fact that I’m still alive and kicking. I don’t think anyone else cares if I’m alive or not…


A List of Somewhat, Unrealistic Expectations or Goals This Month

  1. Rewrite, revise, edit, and publish Nightmarish Reaction.
  2. Take a break once done.
  3. Continue working and supervising the graphic novel, including rough sketches and pages.
  4. Maybe work on the novels based off the graphic novel. We’ll see how that goes…
  5. Next year, publish the graphic novel and open the website for it.
  6. Start on Legendary, which hasn’t been looked at for over a decade now.
  7. Two years later, maybe finish Nightmarish Resolutions and finally end the series.


Today, I’m going to rest my hands and take it easy before Camp Nano.

4 thoughts on “Camp Nano Starts in 1 Day! That Means Less Time On The Internet…

  1. Rest, relax, and enjoy. Hopefully I see you in the cabin a little and I’ll probably drop you a message here and there. Cutting internet out is hard. I’m still nervous about my story. We’ll see how it goes. That just gave me a great idea for tomorrow!

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