Camp Nano Day 2: Drowning In A Sea of Doubt…

This will be quick and painless…

I'm dead

I’m finding it harder each day to continue with NR. In fact, this third book probably needs a complete overhaul. It needs to be rewritten and I’m struggling to keep it together. I read some of the chapters and I just can’t stand it.


I hate the entire thing, which is really bad. I don’t know what’s missing… is it just me? Is it doubt? Is it the fear of not doing better than the previous two books? I don’t how other writers do book series, ’cause this is too much stress.

Should I just stop this series completely, since no one really cares about it? Who cares if I finish it or not? Nobody’s going to read it. Would anyone demand to know how it all ends?

I’m going to try writing in my notebook, instead of on the computer. I am just under a lot of pressure right now. And knowing that I’m a complete perfectionist isn’t helping me one bit…


2 thoughts on “Camp Nano Day 2: Drowning In A Sea of Doubt…

  1. You’ve got this. It’s self-doubt and it’s eating at you. I understand that. There are people out there who want to know how it ends, even if they’re not near you.

    Power through it. I’m feeling the same struggles at points.

    • I hope so… 😦 Not feeling my best these days. I’m only going to do 30k this time. Also, please don’t give up on yourself. Keep on trying. *hugs*

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