Camp Nano Day 3 and 4: Getting A Little Better


So yesterday, I forgot to write about Camp Nano Day 3, after seeing the diabolical season 6 finale of the Walking Dead.


I have been going back through all the chapters of NR and rewriting everything. Did do some major revisions as well, but again… I don’t think I’ll be writing as much as 30k.

I’ve lowered my word count again to 15k. Why you may ask? Well, NR is too long as it is. It’s already 403 pages and I haven’t even finished editing it. I’ve only revised up to maybe 2-3 chapters. I did do two or three additional chapters on the side; however, by the time I finish it’ll be 450-500 pages.

The fourth novel to end the series is already 478 pages. A lot of it seems like filler, so it needs to be dramatically cut and trimmed down, so it’s nice and lean. I don’t want to bore my readers to death with tedious, drawn out and unnecessary backstory of all the characters. I’ll try to keep this one more focused on the main story and character, despite the fact, that there’s many stories in this novel. Everyone is all connected.

NR’s biggest problems is the First and Second Parts (or Acts). I also need to make sure there’s a good hook/intro. I have more chapters than ever before. It’s 42 at the moment and there’s 4 individual parts. By breaking it up into these sections, it’ll be easier for me to manage… not to mention, this book has a lot of intense and disturbing scenes. Far more than the sequel. Like double that. It would be nice to give myself a break from such horrors, especially the readers. There’s a little room to breath, before something else terrifying happens.

Tonight, I’ll do some more writing later on and try to fix up any gaps in the story. I gotta first kill off all those evil, plot bunnies. Wish me good luck, folks!

Let me just think...


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