The Walking Dead Rant: Worst Season Finale In History! You Lost Me As A Fan.

 This was me after watching the Walking Dead.


There aren’t any spoilers, because last night’s episode NOTHING HAPPENED!

Dear AMC,


Last night I was very disappointed with all the commercial breaks. These actually weren’t very good nor were any of these funny commercials. It was like 30-40 minutes of you pounding our skulls in with a sledgehammer and force feeding us dribble about that other show called Fear: TWD, which to me is one of your worst shows ever. There was another show preview called the Preacher, based off some comic book. Then, there were more car commercials, video games, etc etc. 

While watching this episode, you had our beloved characters basically drive around in a RV for an hour and a half. They turned around whenever they had a road block or if there was something blocking the path. Oh, let’s say a chain of zombies and a bunch of trees. Then, they drove around some more, and that was it.

You had Morgan chasing after Carol, who didn’t want to be saved. I don’t know why Carol has now become the butt of this joke. Does she really believe she’ll never have to kill, if she leaves the group? Um… how many people did she kill just driving down a block? It wasn’t even five minutes when she left Alexandria. Wasn’t it like four or five of Negan’s men? The reasoning behind her stupidity was too much for me to take it all seriously.

...Her saying, “I can’t kill anymore!” and firing a million rounds of ammo into Negan’s men is quite hilarious. That’s like a Vegan saying, “I can’t eat meat!” only for them to order the chicken salad right after that.

And then… once she escapes from Morgan, she basically gives up and wants to die. Not in a blaze of glory! She does laugh a little, but gets shot not once but twice. Also, she’s bleeding from her stomach. She’s still not dead? 😐 Thank God Morgan can kill again, but it’s far too late to salvage what’s been done.

Anyway, some men dressed in sci-fi armor, mostly biker knee pads and car mats, riding horses saved the day. They looked kind of lost and didn’t fit in properly. Were they coming from an anime convention just down the road? What the hell…? 

Anyhoo, I was really excited to see Negan actually kill someone, because I’m sure I wasn’t the only person alone, waiting in an anticipation. After having to wait a week, I think you should’ve respected your fans more and given them what they wanted. However, Negan doesn’t show up until the very last 15 minutes of the show at around 10:15 p.m. Then, he gives a speech for another 10 more minutes.

I’m looking at my watch this time. You had me up until this moment. It was very intense and the look on Rick’s face said it all. More intense then that video game trailer called Overwatch that I watched before Negan stepped out, which took up like 5 extra minutes of my time.

Question MarkThroughout this episode, I don’t understand how Rick and his group couldn’t fight back. Aren’t they seasoned killers? They should be able to take down a few guys, even though Rick’s overconfident, they’ve been through worse. The writing was terrible. Rick should have killed off the first group at the first roadblock.

And who was that guy, running in the woods that you had killed? I don’t know him and why should we care? I can’t remember his name for the life of me, and yet you had him show up throughout this one episode, even until his death. 

Anyway, the ending was the worst of all. After Negan couldn’t decide who to kill, I rolled my eyes. Some great and powerful villain can’t make up his mind?! How is this one guy capable of handling an army of men, if he can’t decide something as simple as this?  I imagined him every morning, deciding if he should go with black coffee or iced tea? Does it take 100 men for him to change a light bulb? I wonder…

Then, he does the eeny, meeny, miny, moe song and turns around to kill one of the cameramen, filming the shot. I feel sorry for that poor cameraman now. He didn’t have a chance! Didn’t he have a wife and four kids? I think I’ve had enough of your gimmicks AMC. 😐 Now, I know what AMC really stands for: ALWAYS MORE CLIFFHANGERS.Depressed

AMC, not only is that ending a cop-out…this is really bad writing. By not showing us who Negan killed, you kind of let us all down, including me. You ruined what could have been potentially the best death scene ever. You couldn’t decide who to kill, because you were afraid of losing half of your fans. You wanted to drag this out even more and since you’re only thinking about the money, you probably lost half your fanbase already.

FU!Well, when you start treating your fans like shit and continue to think of them as mindless idiots, it doesn’t matter who you kill after this point. You’ve got some serious ego, kid. I won’t be waiting for you when you come back. Not for another day, not for six months. At this point, I really don’t care who dies.

I guess someone could’ve, almost, maybe, sort of died in this episode. It could’ve been Eugene or Abe, could’ve been Daryl––I mean, he’s got his own reality show now, so that must mean something. Right? Regardless of what happens, I won’t be a sucker anymore for zombies and continue watching your show.

Sincerely, but not yours anymore,


P.S. You’ll probably find me online (bored to death) somewhere between the Twitter feed or on Tumblr, reading and posting everyone’s frustrations for all to see. Nah! I’ve got a life somewhere. From now on, what I’ll do with my free time is continue writing my own stories and hope someday I’ll be as big as you.

However, I won’t resort to quick parlor tricks, wonky camera gimmicks, and cliffhangers to kill off my nonexistent fanbase. I’ll treat my fans with respect and give them what they want. Don’t you try come looking for me AMC. Don’t you dare! I’m warning you. When October comes around, I will never return.

Just kidding!

Evil smirk

Or am I… ?


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