Camp Nano Day 7: Rereading & Editing


Taking a break right at the moment, since I’ve been mostly editing for half a day now. I’m feeling a lot better and started early this morning, rereading my novel from the beginning. I’m now on Chapter 13 so far with my edits. Whew! It’s a lot to get through, but I’m nowhere near done. Not after a million edits will I be completed.

I have a total of 44 chapters. May start again tomorrow with another 13 chapters to reach 26. I wanted to get this post out of the way early, instead of having to post so late at night.

Things are looking good. If my progress continues for a couple more days, I may eventually order those book copies soon enough. And that’s where the real Editing Hell begins, in paperback format. 😐 Wish me good luck.

A bit dizzy

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