Can I Ever Finish This Series Like Today?!


This is Me after editing my third novel…

I’ve been up since 5 A.M. (in the morning), cutting out chapters and chapters worth of pure crap!

I really want to end it all…


Honestly, I don’t even think two books are enough to finish this story.

...Not only can I not complete the NR series, but the last novels would be very long, like 500-600 pages long. To keep the paperback books at a decent price range of $9.99 is nearly impossible for me to do. For the e-books, it doesn’t matter. They’ll still be the same low price of $2.99.

However, if the paperback book goes over 400 pages, which it has, I’m already screwed. It has a lot to do with royalties. I’m pretty much making nothing at all. Man, I love being a writer, but I am so dirt poor. 😦

Also with shorter books, it’s easier for me to edit better and take my time with them, without having to rush or go overboard with it. I don’t want a rushed ending. I really do not want to ruin the entire series with a sloppy and botched conclusion. That will leave a really bad taste in the readers’ mouth forever. To infinity and beyond!

...I seriously need to think about this decision very hard and carefully.

If I make the third novel 500 pages long, the price range will be $11.99 to $12.99. Almost $13 bucks. Ugh. 😐 If it’s 600 pages, the price range will be $13.99 to $14.99. Nearly $15 bucks?! Not liking this at all.

And what is going on with the Createspace website?! It is painfully slow now. I can barely even log in these days…their server is getting worse and worse. It’s not my Internet, because I fixed the speed and it’s working much faster. But CS needs to get their act together. I am not going through this nonsense if it continues again.  


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