Rewriting Stage: Certain Chapters and Characters Are Just Frustrating To Write About…

So, I stayed up last night and this morning rearranging chapters, figuring out what needs to go where.Stress

Some characters are even starting to get on my nerves.

Angry as hell!

I really really want to kill them. But I have to make sure I get rid of them in a way that’s not so freaking cliche.


  1. Mary Sue can’t walk down the street and suddenly get hit by a car or a bus.
  2. Johnny Apple can’t accidentally trip over some stairs, instantly breaking his neck.
  3. This is not like the movie Final Destination, where Death is coming up with clever devices to kill people in gory and brutal ways. Loved the first one, hated the sequels. 😀


I never usually write in order and I often find myself jumping or skipping around from chapter to chapter. However, when I’m about to do some serious revisions, I make sure that the story is still somewhat linear. For me, I know what’s supposed to happen next. For the readers, not so much. I have to force myself to do this process, because my brain (for whatever reason) loves having no order whatsoever. It’s all about chaos theory, baby. To me, it’s just plain weird. studying

It wasn’t easy, but I think the chapters are in the right order to complete this task. Since I’ve eliminated a lot of pointless chapters that go nowhere and ones that I found quite dull, it’s time to move on. Now that everything’s in order, I can clearly see the gaps that are missing. I’m doing a complete overhaul on a lot of the chapters, making sure that they’re still detailed and long enough. I don’t want such long chapters either, since I prefer shorter ones to make the pace go a little faster. I never have chapters go over 20 pages or so. 

It’s rare that any chapter of mine is ever that long. Once again, short, simple, and sweet is great at times. Not always the case in every situation though. I’ve cut down the novel’s length to 322 pages. But I know once I start rewriting a few chapters, I’ll quickly (since I ramble a lot) reach to 356 pages in no time. I am seriously thinking of making NR 400 pages. If that’s the case, the book’s price wouldn’t be too bad at $10.99. Then, by the time I get to the last novel it’ll be a good 500 or so pages. Kind of balance it all out, hopefully.

Can't get up!The mistakes in the past were enough to haunt me this year and for the rest of my life. I’ll never be making those same, stupid mistakes again. Things of that nature happen sometimes when I’m either typing too fast or not paying attention enough. 

Now that I know this, I’ll be better prepared to handle my editing with more care and order maybe three book copies, just in case.  After I’ve had a period of rest in between, then I’ll reread them. I’ll make sure I have only one file and that all my documents are labeled correctly and saved in the proper folders. I’ll save everything twice, if my computer ever decides to crash again.

Hero Time!

I received a fortune cookie today that said, “Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall.”


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