Rewriting Stage 2: This Is Painfully Slow…

This was me for a couple of days, thinking everything was fine…


But then, it hit me…


It’s been like this every night.

Some days are better than others. At times, I have to take a break away from my computer and do something else, like exercise, read, or go outside for a walk. I’ll take a nap to rest my bloodshot eyes and when I wake up…I take a shower and get right back to work.

This morning was probably the day I actually did something good and wrote it down. At 1 a.m. I had an idea, and yet I couldn’t put it into words how I was going to start it. By the time 2:40 a.m. came around, I was editing a scene and it finally came to me. Didn’t stop writing it until maybe 3:30. After that, I tried to took a nap, but I couldn’t sleep.

I stayed up some more, sending out some emails. Nicoy sent me a beautiful drawing and it made my morning all the better. So it’s going very very slow for me, but I’m gonna get there eventually. Cutting off my Internet at certain times of the day has been most helpful to me. I’ve been focusing a lot more, without all the distractions.

I don’t watch TV, and even if I do, it’s on mute the whole time while I’m at my computer thinking or writing. It’s just pretty to look at it, since I don’t have an aquarium full of fish to stare at. Not much has happened, but the writing is a little better than before. I still have 10 more chapters to go.

Yesterday, I worked on Chapters 9, 10, and 11… with Chapters 10/11 being the most difficult so far. Don’t ask me why. It just has to do with a lot of backstory on a particular character. I won’t give you any spoilers for that one.

It was hard to write about this character for a number of reasons. These two chapters deal with references of blind faith and betrayal. I don’t know if these will work out in the long run, so I’ll have to wait and see what happens when I get to the Final Editing Stage.

Passed out

And I’m gonna pass out now…


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