Finished Reading A Book: The Gori’s Daughter

So sorry folks, I’m feeling sick today… I’ll keep this short and sweet.


It’s just one of those days…

Book Cover

Anyway, from the beginning I found Shazia Hobbs’ blog (Everyone Has An Opinion) by doing research on Twitter. It’s a brand new blog. If you want to support Shazia Hobbs, her book, her charity, and her struggle, please follow and comment on her blog!


If you’ve been reading my Twitter posts lately, you’ll know which topic comes up quite frequently. I’ve been doing a lot of research on Islam and Women in Islam. I found Shazia Hobbs’ article online, called Islam Kills Women.

This story is based on her life, growing up in Pakistan and how she was considered an outcast, since her mother was white and her father was Pakistani. Hence the title name “Gori’s Daughter.” Her mother, Shazia herself (including her brothers and sisters) were basically shunned by her father, his second wife, and their extended family.

Her mother had no say in raising her children with their father; they were treated with disdain and abused at an early age. I’m not going to spoil it for you, since you’ll have to read the book for more details. But this was Shazia’s life, growing up. Shazia eventually went to Europe and became a Social Worker for a charity; she now writes about articles that criticize Islam and its foundations. To me, Islam is a cult and a theocracy, which considers women as second class citizens. It’s a backward philosophy that rejects and denies women’s basic rights across all borders. In fact, I hate any religion that treats women or anyone like slaves.

Anyway, you should buy Shazia Hobbs’ book. It’s a very quick read, only about 200 pages or so. I read it in just two days. There were some issues with the formatting of the Kindle e-book and some translation typos, which is not in anyway the author’s fault and were probably more due to her publisher. I did have problems seeing the paperback copy on Amazon, but after talking to Shazia online, she reassured me that they would have the paperback up in no time.

Overall, I gave this book 5 stars because I couldn’t put it down. It was a very compelling story. Shazia Hobbs is a brave, beautiful woman for writing this, because at one point she feared for her life…if the truth came out. I do look forward to reading more of her articles and books online. She has a unique voice like no other.

She has a sense of humbleness there, and she has an open conversation with the reader. In no shape or form, did I feel that this book was too preachy. It was an honest look into her life. Shazia Hobbs does have a gift of telling true, heartbreaking stories and her writing is real straightforward. Please, check out her book today and read it for yourself. Thank you!

Hero Time!



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